Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Keegan!

Last weekend we happily celebrated our nephew's very FIRST birthday! He looked so handsome in his button down shirt and he was quite excited to open all of his presents! It was hilarious how excited he got over a push lawn mower. He is all boy for sure. I'm so grateful to live so close to BOTH of our families so that we can get together and treasure these moments on a regular basis. Happy Birthday, Keegan! We're looking forward to many more to come!

Little friends
Time for presents!
Ohhh, what's in here?
Love you, mom!
He was SO excited for this bubble mower! 
I forget the show, but he LOVES them.
Cake time!
Smash cake!
With Mom and Auntie
with Auntie A & Uncle J
The best way to eat a cupcake. Thanks for the tip, 30 Rock!
Fat and Happy :)

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  1. Great blog Ash! Love it!! & Love you!!!