Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sold Out

It was time to ditch the husband for the night (sorry, Jeremy) and head uptown with my girlfriends to enjoy one of my favorite female artists, Tristan Prettyman. I was beyond excited for the SOLD OUT show as I had been waiting to see her perform live for quite some time. TP was first on tour when her latest album, Cedar + Gold, released and planned to stop by Charlotte back in October. I bought my tickets and excitedly waited only to find out that the show had been cancelled. She got the offer to tour with The Script and I can't stay mad at her for jumping on the opportunity. She promised to come back in March and she stood by her word and delivered a grrrrrrreat show full of much needed laughter, great cover songs, and many goosebumps on my end! I LOVED the venue, Stage Door Theatre (part of Blumenthal Performing Arts), as it was small and intimate as she shared stories of how her songs came about. I can't tell you how much I loved every minute of it. Oh, and the opener for the show, Anya Marina? HILARIOUS. I wish I could be as cool as her. Heck, I wish I could be as cool as both her and TP. They were both so real and down to earth....strong and independent women. It was the ultimate girls night out, for sure.

Girls night out with Elyse!
Anya Marina
Tristan Prettyman
With my friend Katy! You should check out her blog,
After the show, Anya and Tristan were both nice enough to come out and talk to their fans. I had brought along a printout of a photo Tristan liked and commented on Instagram a while back. The caption read "@insta_mistrizz always says that tacos are better on Tuesday. She stands correct." It's not the prettiest or best of pictures (it's of a taco for crying out loud) but she liked and commented "hollaaaa!!! good job!". That seriously made my week right there. So...being the dork I am, I printed out the picture and comments and she graciously signed it saying, "Asha! Smiles, little lady! Thanks for coming to the show! All my love! XO Trstian aka Insta_Mistrizz". Amazing. She's amazing. She once again, made my week.

With the wonderful Anya Marina

Ahhh! With Tristan Prettyman!
I finally got my Peace, Love & Tacos shirt I've been wanting FOREVER!

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