Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: Dark Kent & Mochahontas

Happy Halloween, everyone!  To celebrate, Jeremy and I threw together some last minute costumes this past weekend. Thanks to some findings at Goodwill, I was able to put a Pocahontas look together that in the end, suited me pretty well. Jeremy, on the other hand, went back and forth but after many ideas thrown around, he finally settled on becoming Clark...or as he puts it, Dark Kent.

We happily celebrated with The Normans as we got to explore their new home and enjoy seeing the little ones dressed in their Halloween costumes. They provided s'more fixings which is always a win in my book!

Afterwards, we headed over to a pumpkin carving party with many of Jeremy's co-workers. I was hesitant to walk into the house as it was decked out with spine-chilling music, thick fog, and kids just itching to scare us as we entered their home. Of course I got spooked not once, but TWICE! Sad, I know. All of the yummy food made up for it in the end : )

It was awesome meeting all of Jeremy's co-workers and friends. Now I can finally put faces to names! Since this was a pumpkin carving party, we had brought our pumpkins with the intention to carve, but not to win. Let me tell ya, that was a rookie mistake. Next year, we plan to bring it....AND WIN! A big thanks to the Kafsky's for hosting a great party!

Lastly, I leave you with our awesome (at times) beast of a dog, Apollo. He wanted to participate in Halloween too! I meeeeean c'mon. How cute is he in these aviators?!

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