Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music on Repeat

Music. It warms my soul. I always do a little happy dance anytime I discover a new artist, album or song I like. I like all generes; from pop, rock and hip hop to yes, even a little country. LITTLE is the key word there.

You know I really like an artist when I buy their entire album. I may be one of the few who actually do that now a days but if it's good, I can't help myself. There's also something about riding in your car, having the volume turned waaaay up, and listening through the entire length of the album, from start to finish. I love it! And luckily, my drive to work happens to be way too long, leaving me all the time in the world to listen to my favorites on the road.

In the past few months, I've had new music overload and I love it! These four albums (along with Jason Mraz's Love is a Four Letter Word) have been on repeat in my car, iPhone and playlists all day, every day.

1. Tristan Prettyman (Cedar + Gold). This album is unbelievably good. Tristan went through a breakup and put all of her emotions into this one album. That breakup just happened to be an un-engagement to my favorite, Jason Mraz. Although the songs are sad and you feel for the girl, I love that you can hear the raw emotion in her voice. In my opinion, it's her best album yet. She's on tour and stopping in Charlotte at the end of the month.  I am SUPER excited and can't wait to get a Peace, Love and Tacos t-shirt. It takes some guts to write an album like she did and I applaud her for it.

2. Imagine Dragons (Night Visions). I discovered Imagine Dragons early this year while I was watching a promo video for the Color Run. As I was watching, I ended up loving the song more than the video. I stumbled upon their EP and, you guessed it, loved every track. August rolled around and they released a full album of tunes I can't get enough of. Hopefully I'll be able to see them on tour soon! I'm just waiting for a Charlotte date to pop up :)

3. Mumford & Sons (Babel). Confession. I haven't bought this album yet BUT I have listened to the preview tracks and I love what I hear. There's just something about Mumford & Sons that I love. You get lost in their music (and that's a good thing). I can't wait to get my hands on this album and listen to it's entirety.

4. Christina Perri (lovestrong.). I'm not sure why I held out so long on buying CP's album. I'm also not sure why it took me so long to become a fan of hers either. I guess sometimes it's that push of seeing and hearing them live that makes you fall for them even harder. I was lucky enough to see and meet Christina Perri last month while she is on tour with Mraz. Christina sings effortlessly and I looooove the entire album. I'm waiting patiently for her Christmas album to release this winter!

I leave you with a question. What music are you all listening to? As I mentioned earlier, new music makes me all giddy inside. Don't you want to see me do a happy dance? Leave me some of your favorites and you just might!

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