Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo A Day October

It's officially Fall...well, I think it is. October gave North Carolina a mix of Summer, Fall, and Winter. One week it's 80º and then the next it's 40º, so I guess the best thing to do is just roll with it and wear boots either way :). I'm pretty sure that's my favorite thing about Fall. Boots...and scarves. I officially broke out the winter coats, scarves and hot apple cider to keep warm!

Oh, I almost forgot to share some news! The creator of Photo A Day *LIKED* one of my photos!!!! I was so happy, I tweeted about it. That tweet then led to a reply from her! Ahhhh! Even better!  Oh how I love twitter. And instagram.  I was so excited I took a picture. Please keep your snickers to a minimum, haha. I know I'm a dork :)

I can't believe the year is ending with only two months to go! It's still not too late to jump on the Photo A Day bandwagon :) Just grab the list and go! Below are my image captures for October. Some are better than others but I hope you enjoy either way!

1. where you stood. On a walk with my beloved beast, Apollo.
2. lunchtime. A hot pocket and edamame, my new favorite food. And guess what! The creator of Photo A Day LIKED and COMMENTED on my photo!!! I was pretty stoked but I have to admit a little sad because I wasn't a huge fan of that particular photo. Hey, maybe she's a fan of edamame, too.
3. this happened today. I found a dollar on the ground. #win!
4. what you read. A sweet thank you card from a dear friend of ours.
5. shadow. By the time I got home that day, the sun had already gone down and sadly I worked indoors all day. Luckily Jeremy was willing to help me out :)
6. i'm thankful for...days with great friends!
7. light. I snapped this during an evening walk with Apollo. It felt like the first cold night of Fall!
8. angle. The acrobat at the Renaissance Festival was able to to turn and twist her body into all sorts of angles.
9. red. The cap to a delicious Cherry soda.
10. emotion. Yosef carries a lot of emotion in his face. Go App!
11. something close-up. Ha, I love his gap-toothed smile oh so much. This magnifying glass helped do the trick for something close-up!
12. on the table. We were order #3 and ready for our food!
13. landscape. The Charlotte skyline. That counts as a landscape, right?
14. makes you laugh. The tv show, How I Met Your Mother, never fails to make me laugh.
15. dinnertime. I was too hungry to snap a picture of my food. This was the result.
16. something you wrote. I happened to publish a blog entry that day on our upcoming trip to NYC!
17. fruit. I struggled on this one. We usually have apples in the fridge but of course on the day that is assigned to fruit, we have none, whatsoever! All we had were cucumbers which I'm pretty sure is a vegetable. It's all I had. Please forgive me.
18. made you smile today. I came across these photos of people getting scared while in a haunted house. Not only did it bring a smile to my face, it made my afternoon.
19. letters. These 7 letters make up a word. A pretty important word that everyone should do. RECYCLE!
20. 4 o'clock. After a busy Saturday running around, I finally made it home by 4pm to find Apollo sunbathing in our bedroom. What a hard life he has.
21. calm. The color of the trees and the white and blue of the sky did nothing but calm me.
22. in your town. In my town, the leaves are starting to change.
23. the view from here. My nose was stuck in a book all day. I was determined to finish as this one didn't hold my attention. It took me 7 months to finish! Seven!
24. weather. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Just the sun warming me up as I took an afternoon walk. It was perfect.
25. people. Jeremy and I leave this post card on our fridge as a reminder of the good ol day's at App. That image of all the people carrying the field goal brings back great memories.
26. listening to. I was supposed to see Tristan Prettyman live in Charlotte that night but she got offered to tour with The Script and had to cancel her show. Bummer.  I think I'd opt to tour with The Script as well, so I can't stay mad at her. I listened to her album instead.
27. morning. I took the time that morning to vote early! My first time ever. I was very proud of myself.
28. looking back. That morning I was looking back on all of the Halloween shenanigans Jeremy and I got into the night before. And yes, I was pretending to do some sort of rain dance. It was Pocahontas appropriate!
29. moon. Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, you're out too soon. The sun is still in the sky. (a song I will probably sing to our future kids).
30. clothes. Hurricane Sandy came along and brought cold weather with her. Time to bundle up!
31. whatever you please. Happy Halloween. I decided that this photo summed up October.

Here's the list for November. You should join in on the fun!

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