Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Empire State of Mind

About a month ago, I announced that Jeremy and I were headed to NYC this coming December. I made this announcement but left out a few minor details. My nerd status is about to go through the roof so just bare with me as I tell my story :)

By now you should know that I love Jason Mraz. I have been a devoted fan since 2003 and enjoy going to any live show around the Carolinas. His most recent tour, Tour Is A Four Letter Word, just wrapped up BUT the Jason Mraz Team (@theRKOP), who I follow on twitter, made an announcement that they were adding a finale show at Madison Square Garden in December.


I really wanted to go.

I jokingly asked Jeremy if we could go and to my surprise, he never said no. At first I thought he was kidding but we had such a good time last time we made a trip to New York, he didn't oppose going back for another visit! I was giddy just thinking about it.

Well you guys, the story gets better.

As I was awaiting the fan presale for Madison Sqaure Garden, the Jason Mraz Team (@theRKOP) tweeted out asking who was coming to the show. I tweeted back saying that we were making the trip from NC and to my surprise, they replied back saying that they had seats held in the first few rows for the superfans. All I had to do was email the number of tickets I wanted and they would reserve them for me. I didn't even have to worry about the pre-sale. They simply stated that it was a Thank You for Jason's supporters.

I seriously felt like I was dreaming. The Jason Mraz Team is legit and I knew that this wasn't a scam. I emailed them and heard back within a few minutes. And yes, Jeremy will be surrounded by Mraz superfans within the first five rows at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Holy moly. It still feels unreal!

So yes, this is very nerdy of me but it will be an experience of a lifetime. We will of course take some time to explore New York and do things that we weren't able to do last time we took a visit to The Big Apple. I am BEYOND excited to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, see another Broadway musical, and treat Jeremy to his first-ever plane ride. Happy early Merry Christmas to me!

I think it's safe to say that I am an official Jason Mraz super fan :) (don't hate!)

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