Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Amazing Maize Maze

The Amazing Maize Maze

One hour, fifty-three minutes, and fourteen point eight seconds.

That's how long Aimee, Chelsea, Heather and I were walking around (at times, aimlessly) in pitch dark trying to find our way out of The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze. This was my first time in a corn field and my first time to be a part in solving a corn maze. Aside from being horrified twice by random people toying with my emotions of being scared in this gigantic field of darkness, I had a great time! I was more than ready to be out of that maze by the time we finished, but time was well spent with some of my closest friends. The staff at The Amazing Maize Maze played quite the playlist while we were on the hunt and I think that helped ease our sanity. Aimee and Chelsea did a great job leading our small group to the finish line while Heather and I took the easy job of carrying our flag and acting as the paparazzi for the evening.

And we begin.
Our first find! Mailbox #11!
Box #1 (we didn't find them in order)
Box #5 even though it looks like 10....
Find #6
We kind of cheated and cut through the maze to get to Clue #2. 
We got #4!
I was the only one who thought it was cool that we were surrounded by CORN.
#8. We're almost there!
Annnnd we found clue #3
#7, HA!
Heather breakin' it down and bustin' a move to one of her favorite songs!
#12 has been found!
#10. Only one more clue to go!
Our last find, #9! The finish line was just around the corner!
The completed map!
The Amazing Maize Maze is DONE!!!!!!

After our victory of completing the corn maze, we delightfully stuffed our faces with hotdogs, hamburgers, french fries and boiled peanuts. Can we say YUM?! We worked up quite the appetite from all that walking.

We ended the night with a quick chat by the bonfire and a hayride under the stars. We were beyond exhausted but the trip out to the country was well worth it!

These girls are simply the best.

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