Sunday, August 15, 2010

My lungs are burnin'!

Rock and Run 5K took place at the NC Music Factory today. Who had to run it today? This guy. It sucked. Well, it actually didn't suck at all. It was a great turn-out, good music, pretty good spread of food, nice course, plus C.J. and Sairy also ran, and it was nice to see them. However, Asha and I didn't train at ALL for this race. This was the most unprepared I've ever been for anything. I hadn't really ran since the Warrior Dash 5K back in May. So basically, I got up off of the couch and ran 3 miles. That's the part that sucked. The goal was to not walk. I failed. I didn't walk that much, but I still walked. I have to say, I'm really glad Asha ran with me throughout the race. She was a good coach and I didn't feel as bad when she walked with me. The best/funniest part of the race was the end. Asha and I, of course, had to sprint the last stretch. I took off, then Asha stopped me because I went too fast. So I slowed down, then we started the sprint again... and again I went too fast. We eventually finished at 31:53. As soon as we finished, we both puked at the same time (we're made for each other). It was a bit weird because neither of us felt like we needed to throw up until that moment at the finish line. We blamed the delicious bacon cheeseburgers and fried pickles we ate less than 12 hours before the race. I thought it was pretty funny. C.J. and Sairy just kind of watched us throw up gatorade... I also thought that was pretty funny.

This leads me to my next point. I really don't think I'm built/made for this long distance running stuff. I don't have the mentality for it. Sprinting, running for a touchdown, getting to the other end of the basketball court, I'm all for that. In those situations, there's an obvious goal for me to achieve. This is by no means any disrespect to runners either. Running a 5K is hard. Pretty much running anything longer than a mile is hard. So yeah, lots of props to the long-distance runners. I just don't have "it" in me. With that said, I'll take you in a real sport (kidding... only about the real sport line, I will take you though).

P.S. - Sairy and C.J. killed that 5K. Wish I could be like them! They're my 5K heroes.

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