Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sugar Rush

Our doorbell rang a total of 5 times Halloween night. We were disappointed to say the least.  We had some cute trick-or-treaters but most were toddlers which means their little hands couldn't grab much loot. There is a  TON of candy left over! Candy I don't need to eat!

Well...I don't have much else to write for this particular blog. I guess I can share some of my personal goals for November:
  1. Update and revamp my resume. I'm tired of commuting 3 hours a day. I need a new job!
  2. Start running again. (I kind of miss it)
  3. Lose 5 Lbs. and KEEP it off! Maybe the running will help.
  4. Create some artwork for the bare walls in our home.
  5. Get Jeremy to blog at least one time this month ;)
I'll leave you with a picture from this past weekend. We made a quick trip to Boone for Black Saturday which always turns out to be a thrilling football game. We were hesitant to make the trip up the mountain since there were snow flurries that very morning.  We bundled up and braved the cold, witnessing a great game and an Appalachian win!
Black Saturday--October 2011

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