Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living in the Moment (Honeycruise Day #5)

Today we woke up to the hazy jungle of Mahogany Bay, Roatán (that's part of Honduras in case you didn't know). The weather started out cloudy but thankfully, it ended up being a beautiful day and one of our favorite stops of the trip!

Welcome to Roatán!

We packed onto a bus and rode roughly 30 minutes to the highest peaks of the jungle. To get there, we rode through the city which gave us the chance to observe some of the everyday life of the locals. One thing we noticed, that we did NOT see coming, was that they had a Bojangles! A little reminder of home. Once we arrived to the treetops, we got harnessed up for our Canopy Tour! It's a good thing we had practice on the zipline before hand. The canopy tour was pretty much the same as ziplining... except BETTER! After getting harnessed, strapped (my junk was more than snug), and secure, we received a quick tutorial on what to do and what NOT to do. We then rode from treetop to treetop overlooking the beaches, rivers, and jungle. It was unbelievable and quite a thrill. The view was amazing. It was mind-blowing when we looked out and realized how much of the island we could see while ziplining in the middle of the jungle. {It was also a workout! I was sore for the rest of the trip!} We landed on 10 different platforms and learned quite well how to break on the cable. Also, the guides were really nice and helpful throughout the entire time. No monkeys on this trip though.

Harness Galore

Ziplining like a pro!

Ziplining like a pro!

Breaking successfully
Canopy Tour was so cool!!!

Once done with the canopies, we headed to the beautiful beach of Tabyana. Wow. What a view! Seriously breathtaking. We've used that word so many times throughout these blogs but that's really the only word to describe these beautiful places. This beach was larger than the one in Cozumel, so we were able to walk more and play in the water longer. We also had "The Decision part II". (That has something to do with Lebron James going to play for Miami for those who don't know) Asha decided to let her hair go curly once again.  Bye-bye straight hair. (All she has to do it get her hair wet and voila! Curly hair.) (I was a little surprised at how fast this process happened. I guess I expected it to be longer than 10 seconds...) Here at Tabyana, they also provided us with free drinks! (calm down, it was just lemonade) The staff there was great too, plus, they had a nice gift shop and live music. One of the best beach experiences EVER!

We never want to leave!

Tabyana Beach, Honduras

Too bad this was our shortest day ashore! So far, it's been our favorite! Our only complaint for the day was being surrounded by annoying people in the morning AND afternoon on the bus rides. They just talked waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. And the group on the way back was also too loud! We wanted to kick them in the shins. (kidding, kidding)

Tonight we were entertained by the dancers and those 4 bad singers again.  The show was much better, possibly the best we've seen (on a cruise ship) but man...we are not fans of those singers. It's not that they were terrible... they just weren't very good. The theme was New Orleans and they played/sang lots of recognizable songs. They also had very elaborate sets which made for tasty eye candy. 

Another great day in the books. Time for sweet island dreams while we ride the waves and catch some Z's with our towel turtle! Can't wait to wake up for our next stop: Grand Cayman Island!

Perfect towel animal for our next day. Turtles!!

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