Saturday, June 18, 2011

¿Habla Español? (Honeycruise Day #3)

We woke up to clear blue water at Cozumel this morning! It's our first time off the cruise ship since Monday! We did some shopping before exploring the Mayan Ruins with our native tour guide, David.


¡Cha Cha Cha!

On our way to the Ruins site, we learned some interesting facts about Cozumel. Are you ready to get your learn on? Here are some fun facts:
  • Houses are made out of cement because of the amount of hurricanes that come though.
  • There are no homeless people. They have housing where you pay rent for 30 years and then the house is yours. They have single housing and family housing.
  • There is only one university on the island and it has no campus. You go to school, and then you go home. Nothing like college in the States.
  • Population is 100,000
  • There are only 4 gas stations throughout the city. Unleaded gas is $3/gallon.

Housing in Cozumel

The Mayan ruins were interesting. It was nice to get a little history in on the trip. We learned that the Mayans were short, smart, and had big hands. We still don't know how they knew everything without technology. We learned that they were very dependent on the moon and astrology. That's how they relied on fertility and our current calendar. FYI, according to our guide, David, the world will NOT end in 2012 (phew!). All the planets will align and the calendar will start over again. The last time this happened was during the time of Noah's Ark. So if you see some crazy guy wanting to build an ark... at LEAST take a listen.

Mayan Ruins Tour
Mayan House

Mayan Road
The fertility statue. Women would camp out at this statue when there was a full moon.

Look at those muscles!

After our dose of knowledge of the Mayan culture, we headed to the white sandy beaches to relax. It was sooooooo nice! We can't get over the blue water!!!!

Ahhhh, paradise!

Cozumel, Mexico

Once our day with Cozumel was done, we headed back to the ship for dinner, entertainment, and of course a nap! The entertainment tonight was MUCH better. "The King of Soul Music", Marcus Anthony (no, not JLo's husband), sang us some sweet Motown tunes and entertained the crowd quite well. It was nice to get a break from the bad singing the night before. We also got a dose of the comedian, Macio. Funny guy. He's done various stand up shows and did some work with Dave Chappelle on 'Chappelle's Show'. (I miss that show)

Unlike yesterday, when we came back to our cabin to find horrible news of our parasailing being canceled, tonight we came to news of free drinks tomorrow! I guess it pays to cruise with same cruise line.

Celebrating free drinks with our towel rabbit!

Tomorrow we ride horses in the Belize Rainforest! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing!!! You guys are the cutest couple I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing this precious moment in your life. May you be blessed with much more happiness as you grow even closer. :) Keep us updated then too.