Friday, June 24, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time...(Honeycruise Day #6)

Today we wish we could go back in time. Not only because we had an amazing time with green sea turtles but because'll just have to keep reading to find out.

Today our adventure began in the Grand Cayman Islands, mon. We took a ride to the Cayman Island Sea Turtle Farm. This farm was SOOOOOOOO COOL! We got to hold turtles not once, not twice, but THREE times! We weren't expecting to hold the different ages, let alone swim with them! We held 7 week old babies, 10 month, and 18 month old green sea turtles. The 18 month olds were fast and hard to catch. Once caught they were heavy and hard to hold onto! It was an accomplishment to actually catch one.

While holding the turtles, we learned quite a few things about them.
  • Green Sea Turtles are the largest in the world weighing up to 700 pounds! 
  • Do you remember Crush from Finding Nemo? He's a Green Sea Turtle. 
  • They CAN NOT retract their heads. 
  • These turtles are very gentle/basically harmless to humans. They would rather be friends.

Green Sea Turtles can live up to 150 years old!

This is where the turtles lay their eggs.
So excited!! Very cool experience. (7 weeks old)

Turtles in a half shell...TURTLE POWER!
Loving the colors in this one.
They like their necks to be rubbed. (10 months old)
These big guys were 20 years old. One female was in this tank and she was 50.
18 month olds were FAST and HEAVY!
Turtle! Turtle!
Barely hanging on.

The Turtle Farm also had a Predator Tank, Freshwater Tank, and an Aviary. We spent some time in those areas before doing something we've never done before...Snorkeling in the fish/turtle lagoon! A first for both of us! This was where we wish we cold turn back time. Jeremy was so anxious to get in the water that he forgot he put his iPhone in his pocket. Yup. You guessed what was coming. *sigh* His beloved iPhone drowned. We were very sad  by this didn't ruin our day completely. We've lost all video footage and pictures that we took the previous days. (I would like to add on how badly I sucked at snorkeling in the beginning. For some reason, I just couldn't get the whole breathing with my mouth,  using goggles combo. It did not compute. And when I decided I needed to restart my whole snorkeling experience, that's when I realized my iPhone died. So sad. Anyway, once I finally got it together, snorkeling was GREAT!)

Predator Tank!
iPhone in Pocket.... :(
Although we lost an iPhone, it was still an awesome experience!
Sad that there is no more iPhone

Oh yeah. Almost forgot about our little island trivia! Here are some fun facts about the Cayman Islands:
  • Turtles are the main delicacy.
  • There is no such thing as unemployment. Everyone is able to work. If you don't have a job, it's your fault, slacker.
  • All beaches on the island are public. There is no such thing as a private beach. In fact, they made a national rule that if someone needs to walk through your house to get to the beach, they're allowed to.
  • A full tank of gas will last you 2 weeks on the island.

When we got back from the turtles we decided to do a little shopping. We got talked into buying a coconut and drinking the juice from it. It sounded good and everyone was doing it so we said...sure! Man...that juice was NASTY! Not good. It needed a gallon of sugar to taste remotely good. The smiles in the pictures are fake. We came to the conclusion that brown coconut juice/milk is apparently MUCH better than the nasty crap inside green coconuts.

Bleh! Coconut water...
Our entertainment on the ship tonight came all the way from...are you ready...CHARLOTTE, NC!! He was a juggler that we actually remembered from the last cruise! He is quite the entertainer. Always puts on a good show. Who knew juggling could be so engaging and appealing. (I did.)

When we retired for the evening, we were disappointed when we didn't see a towel animal waiting to greet us in the room.  Every night we get a new animal. And every night we take a picture with it. It wasn't until roughly 10 minutes later that we found someone hanging from the curtains :) Sneaky, sneaky!

Hanging monkey.
Another beautiful day in the books. The Turtle Farm turned out to be a really fun excursion (top 5 things to do in Grand Cayman) and now it's time to have dreams of swimming with Crush and Nemo.

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