Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Honeymoon to You (Honeycruise Day #2)

Waking up and looking out to see blue water surrounding you is...well, breathtaking. Today is a "Fun Day at Sea". We look forward to these days since that means we can do what we please. Being on this ship just feels so relaxing. There is something about watching the water that is very calming. Most of the day was spent relaxing by the pool, snoozing, reading, and eating of course.

Chillin' at one of the four pools on deck

FEED ME!!!!! (at breakfast)

A book full of basketball statistics (how boring)

Queso! (Get it? Cheese in spanish.....HAAAAA!)

We signed up for our excursions this morning! Parasailing in Cozumel, Horseback Tour through the Rainforest of Belize, Canopy Tour in Mahogany Bay, and a Turtle Expedition in the Cayman Islands are our activities that we have to look forward to for the week. Holy freaking moly. We are EXCITED!!!!!!

Excursion Tickets!!

It was one of those nights where you had to dress up real fancy. Some people go as far as wearing prom dresses and whatnot. Us, not so much. In fact the wait staff wouldn't let Jeremy into the dining room until he changed from shorts to long pants and put on shoes (no flip flops allowed that night). Oops. (They're lucky I even wore pants that night)

Our waiter was good to us at dinner tonight. He gave us an extra plate of lobster for no reason! The lobster was delicious just in case you were wondering. Our trio of waiters came and sang "Happy Honeymoon" to us. We would share pictures of our wonderful meal but they were taken on Jeremy's iPhone and well...You'll have to wait for that story on another blog.

Every night there is some sort of entertainment. Tonight we experienced a Broadway-like show called "Jazz Hot" starring The Legend Dancers and vocals of 4 not so good singers. The performance was a let down and they ruined one of our favorite songs, "Feeling Good"! Not cool horrible singers, not cool.

Another horrible thing happened to us that night. When we came back to the room for the evening, we had a notice about our upcoming Shore Excursion. We were all excited because the next day would be our first one. We thought it was a notification for us not to forget but as we kept reading the notice, we realized we were totally WRONG. Due to operational difficulties, the tour was canceled! We were so bummed. Especially Jeremy. The Parasailing was the ONE excursion he picked out and paid for ahead of time. It was a surprise for Asha since she really wanted to do it on the last cruise to the Bahamas. *sigh* Maybe next time...

We went ahead and picked a new excursion for Monday and decided to tour the Mayan Ruins in
Cozumel. Figured we may as well get some history in on this honeymoon of ours, right?

Tonight we at least got to marvel at our new dog made out of towels. It reminded us of our son we left at home, Apollo. This replacement would just have to do for now.

How many towels do YOU think this is? Winner gets a hug.

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