Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOLD to the Little/Singleton Household!

We have a night stand made out of shoe boxes. 

It takes us a while to prepare dinner since we only have one saucepan.

We have a TV with a huge yellow spot in the middle of the screen (we call it the brain).

All of those things are insignificant to us at the moment. We have a home TOGETHER and that, my friends, is freakin' awesome.

The signing process went a lot smoother than expected. Everyone had told us to be prepared to sign our life away. We went into the agency expecting to be there for at least 2-3 hours but we were in and out in 30 minutes! Once we got the key, we went straight to the house to celebrate!

The moving process was pretty easy but tiring nonetheless. A big THANKS goes out to our parents for helping us unpack and clean.  We didn't have much to move...just clothes, a bed, the kitchen table, some dressers, and last but not least, APOLLO (he's adapted quite well to the new place)!!!

It's safe to say we had the best Realtor out there. Kelly Sniatecki stuck with us for an entire year (we took a 6 month break) searching for the perfect place. She was able to break costs down in terms that we understood and she made the entire process enjoyable. We thank her soooooooo much for that. If you're looking for a house in the Charlotte area, contact her!!! (just click on her name and it will take you to her website).

Here's a little video to document March 18th, 2011, a huge step in our journey to husband and wife: