Sunday, March 6, 2011

Save the Date VIDEO!

What do you get when two creative people get married?
An awesome Save The Date!

Here's a little fun fact about Jeremy and I.  We love to dance.  I'd have to say he is the better dancer.  I try and keep up but I'm just not as fly.  That's ok, I don't mind making a fool of myself.  Whenever we're together, we find ourselves moving to the beat...whether we're in the car, in the grocery store, at the mall....we like to groove.  We like to dance so much we even have our own moves.  We have created the "Lemon Lime" and the "Hutch" (named after Eric Hutchinson).  You can see us doing those moves throughout the video along with The Dougie, Whipping our hair (Willow Smith), and the worm.

Asha and Jeremy Save the Date from Jeremy Singleton on Vimeo.

At every "Freeze" point in the video we hold a sign.  We decided to hold our "Save the Date" signs around uptown Charlotte.  We went to the Panthers stadium (Panther statue), Bechtler Museum of Modern Art (giant parrot statue), The Green Uptown (where the Charlotte signs were), and Grace on Brevard (where the wedding ceremony will be held). Kinda funny...we got a ticket from the Charlotte Light Rail System because of all this.  Oh well, it was all worth it.

Save the Date 6-4-11
I should also share that Jeremy drew the album artwork himself! He's so talented!! (I hope he doesn't mind me bragging).  I took his drawing and converted it to a vector graphic, allowing me to add color in Photoshop.

Jeremy's drawing    --->    Asha's Vector Image    -->    COLOR!!
I then came up with a little poem to go inside the cd case. I designed something simple and cute that will be carried on throughout the formal invitations. The DVD includes our video and a slideshow of our engagement pictures so for those of you who got it, make sure to hit "you're invited" for the video and "pure appieness" for the slide show. It's also a handy dandy magnet so you can put it on your fridge and look at us whenever you get something tasty to eat :)

I do have to mention that Jason Mraz, Ellen DeGeneres, and Hanson (don't make fun of me for still liking them)  inspired me to have this idea to just dance wherever we were.  There are some videos at the end of the blog that will hopefully brighten your day.  After all, "D-d-d-d-dancing makes the people feel united." (quote from one of my favorite people, Mr. Mraz himself)

We hope you enjoy our video!  Jeremy worked hard editing and making it perfect so props go out to him!  Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Mountain City, GA, Orlando, FL, New York, NY, and the Bahamas are all places we got to shake our groove thang.  Make sure to bring your dancing shoes to the wedding :)

Asha is making me add my "2 cents" because she feels I'm not as excited about this blog. I am, in fact, very excited about it because you all have no idea what we went through to get all of this together. Brief history: my external hard drive which stored my editing program, all of the little movies I've made, pictures, and some important documents died. So I lost EVERYTHING. I went months without being able to edit a video, but most importantly, I lost the original "Save the Date" video and I couldn't post it to YouTube. After FINALLY buying my editing program (thanks, App State) and doing a bit of MacGyver work with the video, it was finally time to post but guess what - it wouldn't load! YouTube hates us. We seriously tried about 8 times with each time ending in failure. Vimeo finally worked for us (on the second try) and VOILA! We went viral. Anyway, it's nice to everything come together and it's just one more step towards the big day. 

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