Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day (Weekend)!

Jeremy and I both worked today but we did do a little celebrating of the holiday over the weekend. We packed up the Jeep and headed to one of our favorite spots in Charlotte, the Whitewater Center. I don't think I will ever tire of that place. Not only is it beautiful, it will always remind me of the celebration of our wedding that we had with our friends and family almost two years ago.

That girl totally photo bombed our picture
The entire place was buzzing with the constant movement of people. We did some walking around the river and noticed some improvements done just within the past few months while listening to some great live music, including Marc Broussard (one of those bands that no one knows of, haha). We then cooled off with some delicious smoothies that was much needed after our walk.

Taking in the view at one of my favorite spots!
Marc Broussard on stage
Wish I could say that were me. Maybe one day.
Apollo had some issues sitting on this hill. Jeremy's got his back.
Apollo conveniently using me as a pillow...and sitting on each of Jeremy and my hands.

We went with the intention of staying for fireworks but we were dealing with one tired beast who was a little agitated with sitting on a hill all day and once the sun went down, it got cold very quickly. We decided to ditch the fireworks and beat the traffic that would probably be a very long wait. I think we made a wise decision that ended in a quick stop for some grub on the way home.

We hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day and give big thanks to those who serve and have served our country! Who's ready for The Bachelorette?! Luckily with some convincing and votes from you guys, Jeremy will be back to his weekly blogging of America's guilty pleasure!

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