Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Day Ever of 2013

Have you ever just had a really, all-around, good day? I recently had one of those "Best Day Ever" type of days and well, I'd like to share it with ya.

Last Tuesday started out as any typical day. I did my usual routine of rushing to the vanpool stop (making it by the last minute) and work started out like any other day but 10 AM rolled around and that started the streak of greatness. Not even 24 hours earlier, I found out that Justin Timberlake added more tour dates to his current list. Raleigh, North Carolina was an added date and both Jeremy and I immediately knew we wanted to go... depending on ticket prices. I quickly signed up for the pre-sale code and made the official ticket purchase that morning. I haven't seen JT since 2000 (during the No Strings Attached tour) and needless to say, I'M EXCITED.

Three hours later I got called into my director's office.  My heart was pounding as I'm not usually one to sit in his office for a chat. This chat, however, was a good one. After a few words, I was offered the position as Brand Designer within the Creative Service department that I had applied for 2 weeks earlier. I happily accepted and had a permanent smile planted on my face for the rest of the day.  Let's just say that my drive to Salisbury will be much more worth while as this new job will bring challenge, variety, and excitement to my old week to week schedule that I could do with my eyes closed. I am SO excited and grateful to start my new position within the company and can't wait to get started!

My awesome day continued with dinner and an Imagine Dragons concert with one of my best friends, Chelsea. Rain was in the forecast (as it had been for the 7 previous days before) and we were a little weary since the concert was being held outdoors. I wore my rain boots being prepared for the worst but luckily, the show got moved to a covered venue and we were never even aware of the rain that was falling sporadically throughout the night. Rain or shine, the Imagine Dragons put on an AMAZING show. Charlotte was their first start to their U.S. tour as they had just gotten back from touring overseas.  The crowd was buzzing with energy so I'd say Charlotte welcomed them home to the U.S. quite well.  The show got off to a late start (9:30!!) but it was worth the wait as it was finally nice to listen and get to know the band after discovering them only a short year ago. They were very humble and grateful letting us know that they were regular people like us and had no idea how we had even heard of them.  Many of their shows are sold out but that doesn't surprise me because they were SO GOOD live!

Chelsea noticed a drum floating in the air before the show even began. We both assumed it would be lowered but, nope, the thing never moved. Instead, during the best part of the show while Radioactive was being played, they strapped the lead singer into a harness and up he went to start pounding the drum that was suspended 30 feet in the air over thousands of fans. All with a broken hand. It was pretty awesome to say the least.

They concluded the show with an amazing encore and I ended the best day ever by coming home to my very proud husband. A new job, the Imagine Dragons, and a Justin Timberlake concert in the future?...I'd say that's a pretty good day all wrapped up into one. I'm definitely living the dream in 2013.

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