Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo A Day November

It's the third day of December yet November feels like it was AGES ago. As I looked back at my Photo A Day's from the beginning of the month, I said to myself, "Really?! That happend this month?!" Once we got back from our Kentucky Thanksgiving, I've had one thing on the brain and that's NEW YORK CITY. We're taking a trip to the city that never sleeps this month and I couldn't be happier that December has finally arrived.

Let's get back to November because it was a fun month for the Singletons. We hiked, traveled, and took family photos. What's not to love about that?! Although I loved November, the themes for Photo A Day were quite the challenge because I had already done at least 98% of the topics. That made me annoyingly (at the time) think outside the box but now that I look at them all together, I love what I was able to come up with. Oh, the joy of Photo A Day.

It's not too late to join Photo A Day! I can't tell you how much fun I've had playing along this year! Pick up the list at the bottom of the blog and let me know if you decide to play so I can follow you on instagram and see what you come up with :)

1. something beginning with 'C'. Well a camera, of course!
2. color. I had recently made some cake-pops with colorful sprinkles.
3. breakfast. A blueberry bagel from Poppyseed Bagels.
4. TV. There's nothing but football on in our house on a Sunday.
5. five o'clock. Headed home on the vanpool from work.
6. a favorite thing. I have seriously lived in this sweatshirt this Fall. It's super comfy and it was once my Grandad's so it hold's a special place in my heart despite it' being Chicago Bears.
7. reflection. This was a photo taken by our friend Eric Kramer for our engagement photos. I couldn't help but think of this photo when I saw the day prompt.
8. something you do everyday. Listen to music.
9. small. It was a Friday night and I came home to fresh flowers on the table. I don't remember having a hard week, but the small gesture from Jeremy had a big impact and I  couldn't stop smiling.
10. can't (won't) live without. As crazy as we can get, I can't live without my family. I was grateful to get together with them that day.
11. drink. Drinking from a mason jar is always fun.
12. night. The Charlotte skyline at twilight.
13. where you slept. The cold nights require a quilt.
14. man-made. My comfy TOMS.
15. in your bag. I picked up my Color Run packet that night and was excited to see what was in my goody-bag.
16. the view from your window. As I was waiting for a friend for dinner, I enjoyed the view of sparkling trees which reminded me that Christmas was coming!
17. the last thing you bought. New clothes and polka dots are my weakness. I fell in love with this purple, polka dot top and couldn't leave the mall without it.
18. happend this weekend. Jeremy and I wrapped up a wonderful Christmas Photo Shoot with the beautiful Sunny of Themba Imagery that day. We were lucky to have it done at a Christmas Tree farm. So. Much. Fun!!!!
19. something awesome. The fact that Jeremy was able to catch this shot of Sairy during the Color Throw at the Color Run was pretty awesome. He's become quite the photographer!
20. work/play. My adorable nephew, Keegan is working hard to walk so he can play even more!
21. what you wore. Nothing but comfy clothes on the 6.5 hour drive to Kentucky!
22. grateful. Words can't express how grateful I am that after 10+ years, my extended family is able to get together for Thanksgiving. We only see each other once a year so I always treasure and soak in the time spent with them.
23. black. I become a little kid when we come across a tunnel when traveling. Hold your breath!
24. a sound you heard. Now that Thanksgiving was over, it was time to bust out the Christmas music. I will always be an *NSYNC fan :) ALWAYS.
25. sky. Traveling through the mountains is the way to go. It's always a breath of fresh air to see those mountains staring back at you.
26. in the cupboard. Yellow plates and bowls.
27. tree. This photo was taken on our hike during Thanksgiving.
28. vehicle. I had to go back to 2010 for this one. During our first Warrior Dash, we trekked through an old junk yard weaving through old cars.
29. big. Sometimes you forget just how big the world really is. This was on our hike to see The Natural Arch during Thanksgiving.
30. on the wall. A clock. Tick-tok. Tick-tok.

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