Friday, December 28, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Every December, right after Thanksgiving, we are all drowning in holiday music, continually watching Christmas movies on TV, and spending endless hours in Target trying to figure out a gift for the ONE person you don't really know that well, but of course you're their secret Santa.

And every year we're all reminded of how commercialized the holiday season is and how you must make travel plans and adjust your schedule in order to gather at a relative's house and be forced to talk to in-laws and cousins you don't see often and don't seem to have much in common with. Plus this year, the world was apparently supposed to end just before Christmas.

But then something happens. 
You start singing along to that holiday music. 
You remember how much you enjoy seeing the Grinch's heart grow. 
You finally give your secret Santa gift and it turns out to be perfect. 
You're with your family and spend time with your new nephew who's cuter than any baby you've ever seen.
...And the world doesn't end.

All of these reasons are just some of the things that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!

This year, Asha and I enjoyed wonderful family time (featuring both sets of parents) and continued our new Christmas traditions: Carolina Panthers home game, the Christmas Eve church service and Family Time.

Tradition #1: Carolina Panthers game

So last year, we went to the Tampa Bay Bucs-Carolina Panthers game on Christmas Eve. It was a Christmas present from Asha which turned out to be the most entertaining Panthers game (and possibly Cam's best performance) of the year. This year, we semi-planned to attend this game, but never got around to actually purchasing tickets. Then, the day before the game, Nickie (Asha's sister) calls and offers us tickets to the game! It was a Christmas miracle! Of course we went to the game, had great seats and watched the Panthers get their 3rd consecutive win.

Bank Of America Stadium aka "The Vault!"

So glad Asha suggested taking that scarf...
Christmas time in the Queeeeeeeeeen Citaaaaaaay!

Tradition #2: Christmas Eve church service

There's something special about the Christmas Eve church service at Forest Hill. I can't quite put my finger on it, all I know is while we're all there, celebrating the birth of Christ, it just feels like God is there celebrating with us. This year the worship team gave us a little Trans Siberian Orchestra lights/music show to open the service. Those guys are good. I should've taken a picture, but I don't think God would've liked that very much.

The service also included communion and Christmas hymns. As always, it was a joyous occasion celebrating giving, joy, peace, love and Jesus.

Tradition #3: Family Time

Our family time this year was also pretty special. Asha and I hosted Christmas (Eve) dinner (which meant we had to a lot of cleaning to do, but got soooo muuuuuuch leftovers!), we had the families together (one advantage of having both sets of parents in the same city), and it was Keegan's first Christmas! (By the way, our nephew should probably be on the cover of some Huggies or something cuz he's a cute one). I swear, it seems like just a short while ago Keegan entered this crazy world and now he's already walking! We need to take advantage of his size right now and get him riding Apollo bareback. (Side note: Apollo loves babies/small children. No, he doesn't snack on them as some of you may think - Sairy.  Anyway, it doesn't matter who's kid, Apollo thinks he MUST get all up in their face and lick/sniff. He just fails to realize that the kid's head can easily fit inside his mouth so when he gets that close... yea, it looks like he's going to eat them. Rest assured, he doesn't like children THAT much.)

Get this kid on a package of Huggies!

Keegan's go-to move: 1 finger in the mouth. Classic.


NOT eating the small child. Just a lil' taste.

My AWESOME PJs. Don't hate. Just congratulate. 

Keegan was much more interested in the wrapping paper than any gift he got.

Guess who got Keegan the "Cool like my Auntie" onsie... 

Family photo take 1: of course Apollo ruins it.

Family photo take 2: wow... Apollo actually looked at the camera. Keegan did not... 

Another Christmas in the books. As always, it was fun spending time with family and continuing our new Christmas traditions. Now we prepare for 2013 and countdown  until we get to come back to the most wonderful time of the year!

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