Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo A Day August

Oh, August. In the end, you turned out to be quite lovely. August brought in my extended family as we celebrated the remembrance of my Grandad, the 2012 Olympics, Jason Mraz, and a fresh start with Charlotte STYLE Magazine. This month was also my favorite Photo A Day list to come.

1. outside. Is late summer the time for Cherry Blossom trees to bloom? I sure did notice their little blossoms fall to the ground everywhere I looked. I don't know why, but I love this picture.
2. one. Oh how I miss the Olympics. That night we watched Gabby Douglas win All-Around GOLD in Gymnastics. Gold = #1 in my book.
3. coin. We collect our loose change in a mason jar.
4. somewhere you sat. I sat with family all weekend reminiscing my Grandad and the great man he was. I can't wait to see them in November for Thanksgiving!
5. logo. I stumbled upon this old Mountain Dew logo at a Mom & Pop shop in Salisbury.
6. writing. My mother-in-law wrote a sweet note to Jeremy and I at the beginning of summer. I couldn't ask for a better MIL :)
7. 8 o'clock. I walked into my cube that morning to find a little box on my desk. It turns out my sweet friends at work surprised me with a necklace in remembrance of my Grandad. They are seriously the best.
8. glasses. Time to run the dishwasher...
9. messy. Time to do some laundry...
10. ring. The 2012 Olympics came to an end that day. It was a fun ride with USA coming out on top!
11. purple. I came across this purple flower while walking Apollo.
12. spoon. Mmmmm Shrimp and Grits. If you haven't tried it, you should.
13. simple. This one was SO HARD for me! This key was amongst all of our junk mail so I just went with it and snapped a picture.
14. arrow. Keep right.
15. ready. READY to see Jason Mraz live for the 7th time!!!
16. food. I often get home late so Jeremy prepares dinner so we're not eating at 9pm. I love that man with all my heart.
17. faces. These are the faces of Charlotte STYLE magazine, the online magazine that I work for.
18. inside. Walls full of paintings inside Painting with a Twist. I had a blast once again!
19. hole. Knock. Knock. Who's there?
20. today. Oh you know...just waiting until the next day for my date with Jason Mraz!!!
21. cool. Having front row seats and Jason Mraz singing less then 10 feet away from me. I can dig it.
22. home. I'm one of the few born & raised Charlotteans and I'm proud of it!
23. pair. Salt + Pepper.
24. path. The crosswalk at work.
25. fresh. Fresh berries from Providence Produce!
26. dream. Dreaming of everyday being a pool day.
27. tap. Tap water.
28. clock. Alarm clock from a friends house. They probably think I'm crazy for taking a picture of their clock...
29. down. Looking down out of my car window.
30. card. Got my Charlotte STYLE business cards earlier that week!
31. hidden. The start of Matthews Alive was hidden amongst all of the DNC hype around Charlotte. Jeremy and I enjoyed our little town festival the entire weekend!

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