Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye, Summer

Labor Day weekend came and went and it is now time to say goodbye to summer. We celebrated the weekend by going to Matthews Alive, a Labor Day Festival that lasts the entire weekend, watching the start of college football, and taking our moms on a date to see the Charlotte Knights finish the regular season.

We're not quite sure how we missed out on Matthews Alive last year but we were excited to see what our little community put together for the weekend. They closed Trade Street and replaced it full of vendor booths full of crafty gadgets, rides, music and food. Yummy, delicious, greasy food. Our stomachs managed to contain themselves as we took our seats on a ferris that had seats that rotated 360°. We made the wise decision to eat after riding. It was quite the ride but enjoyable nonetheless.

The next morning we enjoyed the parade with friends and their little ones. After walking around and drinking our yummy lemonade slushies, we were excited to get back home for the start of college football! Appalachian's season opened up in Greenville, NC against ECU. The game started out promising but we ended up losing. We are excited, to say the least, to head up to Boone this weekend for our home opener and cheer on our boys against Montana. GO APP!

It was also the 5 year anniversary of our beloved Mountaineers beating Michigan. Jeremy and I were lucky enough to actually be AT The Big House and witness the madness in person. That is a trip we will never forget. We're a part of history for crying out loud!

We ended the weekend by spending a night out with our moms at the Charlotte Knights baseball game. Baseball isn't my favorite sport, but each weekend they have fireworks and that, my friends, is the best part in my book. It was a long, slow game that ended up going 2 extra innings making me wait extra long to see my fireworks. Fortunately, they were worth the wait, as always.

Oh, and as we were exiting the game, we ran into some good friends of ours! It's always great seeing these faces!

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