Friday, September 14, 2012


Three years ago, I landed my first full time job. I was a little nervous coming into a corporate atmosphere but I was lucky enough to share my cube walls with Greg; the nicest, most kind, light hearted man that would later become one of the bests of friends.

Greg and I just clicked. It's crazy to think how much we had in common even though we were years apart. I like to think I kept him young with my music, tv and movie talk and he kept me wise with his stories from the good ol' days. I'm not one who pours my emotions out easily but I could tell Greg anything like I'd known him for years. We got to know each others families through countless stories and I quickly learned that he was a man who would do anything for them. He kept me sane at work through the dull and boring times with his Greg-O-Glyphics (similar to pictionary) that he created and passed over the wall. That man always knew how to make me smile and he taught me that work doesn't have to be so serious all the time. He had me (and many others) laughing every day with his stories.

I see now that God put him next to me so that I could learn how to raise a wonderful, warm, loving family like his. Greg will be missed by many and I hope that he and my Grandad meet in heaven and become fast friends. We'll miss you, Greg!

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