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Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night (Reception)

1-2-3 JUMP! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

While our guests enjoyed cocktail hour, the bridal party was out taking pictures around the White Water Center. Once we were finished flashing our smiles at the camera, it was time to make our grand entrance as newlyweds into our reception. Our bridal party hammed it up and were introduced to the song "Jump Around". Soon after, everyone got on their feet and watched Jeremy and I do our thing as we got down to P.Diddy's song "Hello, Good Morning". Ahhhh, good times. I can't help but chuckle when I think about it.

Breakin' it down :) Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

We got right to it and went into our first dance. I almost shed a tear but Jeremy started singing the song lyrics to me, replacing a smile instead. I didn't want everyone to see me break down and cry so I silently thanked him for that in my head. Once we got through the first few phrases of the song, we invited couples to join us so that we could end the dance surrounded by people we loved and care for. For those are wondering, we danced Jason Mraz's (duh!) "Beautiful Mess".

I love him so so much :) Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

There is so much happiness in this one image. I love it! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Jeremy created a slide show which was shown. It messed up since it was shown on a PC so we hope you take a look at what it was supposed to look like below. Little Asha (ha) and Little Jeremy are featured! I must say, we were some cute babies!

Food was finally served and I was very grateful for that. I hadn't eatin all day! A buffet of BBQ, herbed chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies were served. Oh. Em. Gee. So delicious!

You should know from our Save the Date DVD that Jeremy and I love to dance so it was a MUST to break it down at the reception. Our DJ, Mike, even got out on the dance floor to show us some moves. Everyone joined in and wanted more. One memorable part of dancing was the Soul Train line. Two lines were split and couples got to strut their stuff going down the middle of the isle. Jeremy and I went first and we spur of the moment decided to do the worm. Yes, I did the worm in my wedding dress and it was AWESOME.

We had to break out the worm :) Photo Credit: Themba Imagery
Jump on it! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Reuben and Nickie then presented their speeches. We had videographers so now we can listen and take it all in whenever we want! Reuben's speech was lighthearted but really sweet and my sister expressed warm words of love and encouragement. I know she was really nervous to speak in front of everyone so I'm really proud of her for finding the courage.

Reuben! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery
Nickie! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Cake cutting, along with the garter and bouquet toss, mother/son, father/daughter dance were up next. Jeremy tossed my lovely Appalachian garter by football to the lucky bachelor and I actually had to throw my bouquet twice to a hungry pack of bachelorettes. The first time the bundle of flowers hit the ceiling so we had to do it over to make it fair. Sairy was DETERMINED to get that bouquet and that she did.

Cake! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Man down! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

This is awesome. Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Woo Hoo! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

This is SO cute! I love it! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

One thing that's great about weddings is the fact that you have everyone that you love in one place! I wish I could just keep everyone together and put them in my pocket :)

App gang. Love these people! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Our final exit before leaving for the honeymoon was done none other than the ZIPLINE! It was a steep walk to the top of the tower, but we managed to buckle up and face our fears. What a great way to start our married life together :) It was really fun and we encourage everyone to try it!

Ready?! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Not so sure about this :)  Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Weee! Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

I will end this post with what Sairy left to Jeremy and I. Sairy also had a speech prepared but didn't get to share it, so guess what, I'm going to share it with you now! I hope she doesn't mind :) She handed the speech to me before we left for the honeymoon so I was able to read it in the car on the way to Florida. Her words brought tears to my eyes but it was a great way to reflect and end the evening.

To Asha and Jeremy on their special day:
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Sairy. For the last 15 years I've had the pleasure of having Asha as my best friend.
In elementary school our friendship was based on countless games of Red Rover, Red Rover...which somehow gave us the nicknames of Teddy and Pickles!
In middle school we were separated, but that's where our passion for running began, as we were rivals on the track but still friends nevertheless.
In high school we were inseparable. We dressed alike, we had the same boy crushes, and even ran on some of the same relays during track season.
While all of this seems like the relationship between any two girls, looking back over the past 15 years, only one phrase can sum it up: Unconditional love. That is what Asha has given me throughout all the years.
My first day of class in the 5th grade is a perfect example. I was not only the new girl in school but I was the new FOREIGN girl in school. I spoke no English and wore awkward headgear. Regardless of that, Asha befriended me, no questions asked. Unconditional love.
In college, we were hours apart at separate universities and we didn't talk often enough, but when we did it seemed like no time had passed at all. Unconditional love.
During times when I needed help and had no one else to turn to, Asha was there. She would do whatever it was that I needed with no questions asked. Unconditional love.
So Jeremy, I have to say that you are probably the luckiest guy in the world. I know you have already experienced a piece of Asha's unconditional love during your dating years. But trust me when I say that if her love hasn't run out over 15 years for me, it won't run out over a lifetime together as husband and wife. Congratulations and best wishes Asha and Jeremy!
Love, Sairy

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