Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Eating Tour has BEGUN!

So this summer, after much deliberation, Asha and I finally decided on what we're going to focus on. As many of you already know, last summer we dined on some of the best BBQ Charlotte has to offer. I have to admit, it was quite a delicious summer. And with all of that yummy BBQ consumed in 2010, we were left wondering "what's next?"

"What's next" was finally answered! - Local Joints! Despite popular belief, Charlotte (and surrounding) does have plenty of local places that have been serving the many stomachs of Chalotteans for years. So with that said, we needed to check out what was available.

Our first stop was technically a "local" joint. We ventured over to Kabob Grill in the Stonecrest shopping center in Ballantyne. Now, some of you are may be questioning the "local" aspect of a restaurant in Ballantyne that's only been open for... a couple of years. Well... you'd be right to question that, but we only know of one of these restaurants and well that's good enough.

From the outside the place looks like a not-so-big spot, no bigger than a "Five Guys" restaurant. Some seating outside, nothing fancy. We walk in and the mood changes just a bit. It's quiet, smells a little different and we don't hear much English being spoken. We expected to see a menu posted on a wall, then place our order and have a seat.


A waitress approaches us speaking some broken English and politely seats us at a table. Great, now we're trapped. We reading over the menu with blank stares on our faces. We might as well have been trying to read the menu cross-eyed. Kabob Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant and that was very new to me. On the menu, I only understand the words, "shrimp kabob", "chicken kabob", and "steak kabob". Everything else looked like this:


After asking the waitress, "what's this?" I ordered the shrimp kabob plate and it came with fries and some stuff I couldn't pronounce.

Shrimp Kabob

Overall, it was pretty good. Their fries were excellent! I guess I'm not a huge fan of the Mediterranean food, at least not there. I didn't know if I was supposed to use silverware or use my hands. This was definitely a pricey place. Like... much more than we really wanted to pay for. Sorry I don't have much to actually say about the place because I wasn't a huge fan. But don't let that stop you from having a taste!

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