Thursday, July 21, 2011

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it...

I had lots of anticipation about the wedding day. I didn't reeeeally know what to expect, I just knew I was ready to get it over with. That sounds bad but what I mean is I was ready to just be married. I grew very tired of making payments for venues, repeatedly answering the question, "so are you ready to get married?" and I was also tired of saying, "my fiance, Asha." It was just too many syllables.

I had the majority of my groomsmen staying at our house the night before the wedding. I was a little nervous about that because we have a tendency to stay up entirely too late doing nothing whenever we're together. I assumed I wouldn't be able to sleep due to excitement and nervousness...

Wrong. I had no trouble catching my Z's.

I remember the wedding day being fun. I smiled a lot too. The morning FLEW by. I honestly don't remember much between waking up and getting dressed just before the ceremony. It was nice having my best friends there with me for my big day. I had the feeling all day of just happiness, knowing my best friends were there to just enjoy the moment with me - very underrated. I couldn't have asked for better guys there to usher me into the next chapter of my life.

Our pre-ceremony pictures were actually way more enjoyable than I thought they'd be. Becky (photographer) was the lucky winner who got to hang out with the guys and take our mug shots. It was nice seeing us all dapper and cleaned up. It was also pretty special having my dad come and take some pictures with me too. I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures years from now and reminiscing about such a great day.

Photo Credit: Themba Imagery
Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

Best moment of the day - seeing Asha walk down the isle. It was exactly what I pictured, but at the same time, it was more beautiful than I could've ever imagined. Excuse my lack of detail on this part of the day, but it was a moment that literally left me speechless. So I won't ruin it by trying to find the best adjectives to use. Just know that Asha looked absolutely amazing.

Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

The actual ceremony was a blur. I remember Jeff leading a wonderful ceremony and being able to turn around and see everyone's smiling faces (and vise versa). Reciting vows and finally kissing my wife - lemme tell ya, kissing a girlfriend or fiancee... not nearly as good as kissing a wife. Fact.

Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

I'm glad the day was recorded and photographed because there were so many things I didn't notice, see, hear, etc. throughout the day. I'm glad it finally happened and so many friends and family were there to share the day with us. Once we stepped out and were showered with rose petals, it was time to take pictures and get our party on!

Photo Credit: Themba Imagery

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  1. That was very good day, nothing like really chilling with boys. Tell you one thing i was glade the wedding was inside because it was entirely to hot outside. J you make a good point, I didn't think we where going to really get any kind of sleep that night. Congrats on finding a beautiful young women, that's my nigga lol!!!!!!!!