Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Shower for the Bride to Be

deHave I mentioned that I have the BEST Bridesmaids in town?  Like...for real.  No joke.  They are awesomely awesome and I can't thank them enough for throwing such a fun bridal shower!  They did such a good job adding unique touches making me feel special throughout the afternoon :)

The shower was thrown at the lovely Sanchez household.  I walk in and the first thing I hear is Jason Mraz on the speakers.  They made a customized "Asha" play list full of Jason Mraz.  They know how to get on my good side, that's for sure :) I then start to look around at all the yummy food and drinks and noticed pictures of Jeremy and I throughout our relationship {awwwww}.  I then step outside on the deck to see a beeeeeeeautiful arrangement of more food, flowers and friends.  It was a gorgeous afternoon to spend outside with all the women who have inspired me throughout my life.

I couldn't have asked for a better shower!  It was filled with games, laughter, and gifts {woohoo}!  My favorite game was a little pop quiz my girls put together about Jeremy and I's relationship.  The quiz was a little harder to figure out because everyone had to give an answer that JEREMY would say. That's right, Jeremy got involved, which gave me a little scare at first.  A few days before hand, he got a call and had to answer questions about our lovely relationship.  There were questions about where we first met, where our first kiss was, when he proposed, yada yada yada, you get the idea.  It was fun seeing what he said.  Lucky for him he got most questions right!

We ended the afternoon with what felt like Christmas to me! I got to open presents! 1980's gift wrap and all :)  Forget Christmas in July...let's do Christmas in May!  Little did I know, they were writing down my reactions to each gift.  Once I was done opening everything, they decided to embarrass me.  Turns out anything I said about my new loot was going to be my reaction to Jeremy and I's first night as husband and wife.  Check out my responses, haha:

"Yes! Woo Hoo!"
"Woo Hoo!"
"Ohhh Nice!"
"I'll put this to good use!"
"Whoo Hoo!"
"I like it!"

Ahhh man.  If only I knew....

I can't thank these ladies enough for throwing such a wonderful shower for me!  Nickie, Sairy, and Chelsea, thank you sooooooooo much for being by my side through thick and thin.  I'm lucky to be loved by such strong, independent women who know how to throw a good party :) LOVE YOU ALL....except when you won't tell me where or what we're doing for my bachelorette getaway weekend... punks :)

I couldn't catch everyone before they left but thank you for all who came to my shower!
With the Maid of Honor :)

The only boy at the party :D

Digging in their purses for game #1

I love this picture of Jeremy's mom
Putting me on the spot

TP Wedding Dress Group #1

TP Wedding Dress Group #2

TP Wedding Dress Group #3

Annnnnd Group #1 wins!

Throwing the TP bouquet

With the Mama L and Mama S

Tormenting me with the bachelorette weekend itinerary

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  1. I am glad you loved it! We all had a blast!!! I can't wait for this weekend for the best bachlorette weekend ever in.......he he, you'll find out in 2 days :)