Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My last weekend as a single lady

My sister, Nickie, went above and beyond planning a fun filled bachelorette weekend with my closest girlfriends.  She spent months planning one heck of a weekend, somehow keeping it a well-kept secret to me the entire time.  Everyone knew where and what we were doing but me! All I knew prior was to clear my weekend schedule and what to pack. Nickie, Sairy, Sianneth, Chelsea, and Elyse surprised me with the best weekend everrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When I say well-kept secret, I mean well-kept secret.  I didn't even know where we were until the moment we arrived!  They didn't go to the extent of blindfolding me (which they were actually considering) but on the ride down in the Bachelorette Mobile, we popped in a season of How I Met Your Mother and my eyes were GLUED to the TV.  I have just recently discovered the show (I know, I'm late) and I'm kind of obsessed with it.  They lucked out that I wasn't constantly looking at our whereabouts. Once we made it to our destination, I realized we were in Charleston, SC!!!!! WooooooooHoooooo!! Who doesn't love Charleston?! Check out our awesome Bachelorette Mobile we rode around town in!

Riding in STYLE!
Too bad we didn't end the trip with half of these decorations!

Once we got to Charleston, it was go go go.  They wore me out with everything they had planned!  We started the trip out right with mani/pedi's at a fancy spa.  It's been soooo long since I've had my nails done so it was a nice little treat.  Also, very relaxing.


If you know me, you know I don't drink much.  After this weekend, I think I'm done drinking for the year.  It's not like I went out and got hammered.  I just had a good time :) I'm pitiful, I know.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from our first night out on the town.

Heading out!


Ha, I love Sianneth in the background

First night out!

The next day was full of surprises.  They kept every activity that we did a secret up until the very last moment.  The biggest surprise was a trip to Isle of Palms for PARASAILING!!!!!  I've always wanted to go so of course I was all giddy! Ahhh man, I have a few funny stories about this little trip. We boarded a little speed boat and rode out to the middle of the ocean.  Our guides gave us one fast, BUMPY ride.  It was fun, nonetheless.  They gave us the spill on all the safety precautions and how NOT to get a major wedgie while in the air.

Sairy, Nickie, and Elyse
Chelsea and I
The parasailers!
Holding on for dear life on our bumpy ride
First up, Sianneth and Chelsea!
Hahahaha this picture cracks me up

Now to get to the EMBARRASSING (funny) stories about my little parasailing experience.
Story #1. Our captain talked me into doing a flip once I got strapped into the harness.  He told me to "Just lean back and let gravity do the work".  I thought to myself...sounds easy enough, I can do that. Wrooooooooong. Once I flipped over, I couldn't pull myself back up!  I was helpless!  All while managing to get one of those major wedgies he warned us about at the beginning of the trip.  Jeremy always tells me I need to learn how to do a pull up because they are life saving.  I would always laugh at him and just shake my head. I couldn't stop kicking myself in the butt for him actually being right! Everyone saw how miserable I was just hanging there so they brought me back down to the boat to get me situated once again.

Story #2. So my sister and I finally have a successful take-off wayyyyyyy up in the air.  800 feet to be exact.  I'm sitting there...admiring the view when all of the sudden I don't feel so good anymore.  Turns out I don't do well being 800 ft in the air overlooking the ocean and......I puke. Yup.  All over my right arm.  My goal was to not get it on my lovely sister.  Mission Accomplished.  I'm sure she thanks me for that :) I had to close my eyes for the rest of the trip in the air.  Luckily they dipped us in the water before we got on the boat so I was able to wash off.  Ay yi yi.

And we're off!

My attempt to do a flip


Major wedgie. Can't do a pull up!
See...still smiling! :D

Despite those two little mishaps, I had an AWESOME time!  I even got to drive the boat! That was a little scary with me as the driver.  If you own a boat, I advise you NOT to let me drive it :)

Captain Asha

The whole crew :)

Once we get back to shore we headed back to Charleston to grab some lunch, do a little shopping and sprint to a Harbor Tour that we almost missed :)

All Aboard the Carolina Belle

Sairy, Elyse and I
I wasn't the only one caught sleeping!

After our lovely tour of the harbor, we went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and Activity #3. They surprised me with a "Bride to Be" tank top, sash, and veil!  I matched with the rest of Charleston that night.  There had to be at least 6 other brides out with their parties too.  It was fun congratulating them and getting recognition for the upcoming wedding.

Bride to Be...that's me!
I am Queen! Not really.

As we're walking to dinner I notice a sign that says 'Ghost Tours'.  I pointed it out and said "Oh, I'm glad we're not doing that!".  That's when everyone got silent and I saw little smirks.  Yup. Activity #3 was a Ghost Tour.  I HATE scary movies, haunted houses...anything spooky or creepy.  I got to thinking and told myself that I would be okay as long as I was in the middle of two people.  We went to dinner and to my advantage it took too long and we missed our scheduled Ghost Tour.  Darn! Next time girls, next time.

The rest of the night was spent drinking (not too much!) and dancing on the rooftop bar of the Market Pavilion Hotel.  Good times were had.

Sianneth and I at dinner. Check out my bliiiiiiing.

Dancin' the night away

For some reason, I really like this picture

Our last morning rolled around and we finished our trip with a carriage tour and shopping at the City Market.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 

Carriage ride!

Carriage ride!

It was the perfect place to get my mind off the wedding and hang with my awesome girlfriends! It's a trip that I'll remember forever.  I can't thank my friends enough for such a wonderful time.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock :)

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