Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the Winner is....

We had a few people enter our little giveaway on facebook.  Are you itchin' to know who won?  You shall wait no longer!

The winner is Katie from North Carolina!!! Wooooohoo! It was a close race.  We had a whopping 3 entries and they were all really good!  It was her mentioning Apollo that pushed her for the win :) Check out her response:

When Asha + Jeremy swagger down the aisle, family, friends and Apollo (in spirit) will be there to high five them. We are so delighted for Asha + Jeremy. We wish them 100 billion years of happiness (hey it worked for Dr. Evil) and "horseplay" with each other.

Here are some our favorite responses that we got from our guests coming to the wedding:

But our favorite was from our good friend, T-Sloan.  He gets the grand prize and of course a dance with the bride at the wedding!

Thanks for participating in our giveaway blogger peeps!  We hope you had fun!  Keep a look out for more giveaways in the future :)

17 more days until the wedding! Are you guys ready?

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