Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's that smell? Oh, it's doodoo-feces.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan… so… Asha is pet-sitting the grandma dog, Bailey. She's a really old dog and very sweet. Every now and then I help Asha out by checking up on the dogs she pet-sits during the day. Bailey's pretty easy too. After about... 5-10 minutes of trying to help her stand up, I just let her outside for a bit, then let her back in. Pretty simple. So today, I’m at Bailey’s. As usual, it took forever to get her up and outside. Had to whip out the peanut butter, no surprise there. I’m sitting in the house and I start to sniff and say to myself, “man… kinda stinks in here.” But I didn’t think much of it because the smell wasn’t that strong. So I’m just chillin’, Bailey’s outside doing her thing and I decide to go sit at the piano. Weeeeell, I get over there, I sit down, then I freeze because I all of a sudden REALLY smelled the stink. I glance over to my right and… there’s about a 5 ft. trail of nasty poop. This dog was apparently just walkin’ around poopin’. And it had been there a while cuz it was crusty. It USED to be runny poop, I could tell by the trail. So then I was like, “should I clean this up… or act like I never saw it and let Asha deal with it? I mean… this IS her gig…” I couldn’t do that to her though, so I cleaned it up. The initial wiping was nasty cuz everything was half soft, half crusted to the floor. So I got some liquid detergent and poured a lil’ on all the crust. Added some hot water and let that soak for a minute or two. Then I went through and wiped it all up. Then I got some wood floor cleaning stuff and mopped the area to try and kill the smell. So that was done. I gave Bailey the stink eye AND I was mean-muggin’ her once I finished. So I’m cleaning everything up and I’m like, “man… it still kinda stinks in here. Bailey got that strong stench doodie.” (exact words) As I’m standing at the door getting ready to walk out, somehow, I really don’t know how either, I look over and say, ”is that?... I know that’s not what I think it is…”  Yup, I find more poop hidden in the corner. I honestly don’t know how I saw it from the door either because I walked back to the door and I couldn’t see it. So again, I stood there and said to myself, “should I clean this up… or act like I never saw it and let Asha deal with it?” Well this time I replied to myself, “H-no I ain't cleaning up anymore. Sorry, Asha.”

I left.

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