Sunday, August 1, 2010

And away we go...

Welcome to our blog! We decided to start this to chronicle our journey of marriage. We want to share our experiences with anyone who's interested. Hopefully we'll do a good job updating this. You'll find entries written by us together, and some done individually.

A little background: When we got engaged, it hit us that we're poor. We knew we would have to pay for the wedding ourselves, so we're living with our parents until we tie the knot (side note: if you want to donate to the Asha and Jeremy Wedding fund, feel free!). It's kind of annoying. They're old. We're more than ready to be on our own, but we just can't afford to at the moment.

(From Jeremy: maaaaan, Asha's pet sitting right now and this dog is now officially annoying. He won't just STOP. He's constantly moving and... I don't like it. OUR dog, Apollo, is MUCH better.)

Ok, well we hope you're excited and ready to join us on our adventure to the alter!

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