Monday, August 9, 2010

Football 101

Jeremy has complained that I haven't blogged yet so I hope this makes him happy.

This past Friday I was able to go up to Boone for the day!  It was great to visit Appalachian since I haven't been there in quite some time.  The whole reason for the trip was to go learn about football.  My friend from work, who also went to App and graduated with the same degree but 2 years before me, found this event called Football 101.  So all these women gather together and tour the new press box, eat dinner, get a lesson on football, do some drills, and get a pep talk from Head Coach Jerry Moore. FUN!

When we got there we ate at good ol' Macado's.  I forgot how nice everyone is in Boone.  We had a hippy waiter who would talk about anything and everything.  We then ventured downtown and the bookstore looking for some new App stuff.  I found something for Jeremy that I couldn't pass up; an App State YMCA mug!  Neither one of us drink coffee but I had to get it for him.  The guy on the mug was even black with longish hair.  It could technically be a girl but I'm going to say it's a guy.  It didn't have boobs.  So yeah, PERFECT for Jeremy!

We then decided to visit the tech building where we had all of our classes for our major.  Turns out both of our artwork was still up on the bulletin board!  It's been 4 years since she graduated and 2 for me.  Our work was posted one on top of the other too.  Now we work together.  Craaaaazy.

We FINALLY arrived to Football 101.  Touring the new press box was awesome!  I ended up taking lots of pictures and running into a friend.  We got dinner catered from Outback (yum) and then we split up to get our lesson on football.  I learend absolutely nothing.  The coaches just started writing plays and using all the terms that I didn't understand.  I did, however, learn how to protect the football.  High and tight!  The drunk old ladies were pretty entertaining.  They ended up having a chugging contest and everything.  You should have seen it.  Crazy old ladies.

To top off the night I was able to complete a pass from Trey Elder (former quarterback/backup quarterback and now coach) and get a picture with the one and only Coach Moore!  My life is now complete.

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  1. It was indeed and awesome and at times interesting day!