Friday, March 24, 2017

A Birth Story Introducing Elijah James (Part 2)

I proudly held onto our baby boy as I was wheeled out of the Labor room and down the hall into my Postpartum room. It felt like an entire new day once we were greeted by the smaller, bright room with a view of the Charlotte skyline. I slowly got into bed as Jeremy made himself as comfortable as possible in his dinky, reclining "pull-out" chair. All three of us took a snooze for a few hours as nurses came in and out while I answered their questions in my sleep.

Later that morning, Elijah was taken to get his first sponge bath so I figured I would clean up myself. It's amazing that brushing my teeth, washing my face and rinsing my hair in the sink made me feel 100x better. I felt a little more like myself as I changed out of my hospital clothes and into my robe I brought from home.

The three of us were reunited once again as Elijah came back from his bath smelling brand new and looking handsome. Later that afternoon, Sunny came by to take more photos. She did an amazing job capturing those first 24 hours with Elijah. They are moments I will never forget.

The next 2.5 days were spent crammed in room 8502. Elijah spent some quality time with his Uncle Reuben, Auntie Nickie, cousin Randal, and best friend Sunny as well as getting to know his good ol' mom and dad.

Once Elijah passed all of his newborn screenings, we were finally given the okay to go home. We were given great care at the hospital, but we were ready to go. We packed up our things and high-tailed it outta there.

After a careful drive homeward bound, we welcomed Elijah home. It's a crazy world, Elijah, but you're dad and I are going to do our best to protect you, raise you right and love you like no other.

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