Monday, March 6, 2017

Elijah's Monochrome Woodland Nursery

We last left off on a post about the third trimester. We were expecting Elijah to arrive in 6 more days AFTER I posted that blog but it turns out he wanted to make his debut a little early. I had mentioned I had two more blogs that I wanted to write before he came, but well, that didn't happen. Because I'm anal about things being in order, please bare with me as I take you through a tour of his nursery before we dive into his birth story.

Many people throughout my pregnancy asked what the theme of Elijah's nursery would be and I felt like I never really had an answer. It wasn't until he arrived that I figured out the right answer to deliver; a monochrome woodland.

My colors? Black, white and gray. I felt like my answer always let people down a bit as they suspected that might be a bit boring but I love how it turned out.

I love living in the city but I also love the rural, mountain life. I wanted to bring that aspect into the room with wooden and rustic accents. The wooden carved animals were handmade in Rwanda where my purchase provided a much-needed income to Rwandan artisans. More products like this can be purchased at The Marketplace. The other animals came into play when I came across the cutest storage box units by 3 sprouts that I couldn't turn down. I love how they brought some color into the room without being too overwhelming.

Being a graphic designer, I love me some typography. I found key pieces that I love from Modern Burlap, Hobby Lobby and a little shop in Savannah I bought several years ago.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post about how particular I am about things being in order. I about died from cuteness when I came across these closet dividers from Lucy Darling. Worth every penny!

Brining in a few things from Jeremy and I's childhood was key. A Parent's Prayer poem hung in my room all throughout my childhood and Jeremy held on to Superman from his childhood days.

Last but not least, Elijah's nursery wouldn't be complete without Jeremy's dad, Millard, and Apollo looking down on him. I know Millard is beaming down with pride while holding Apollo back who is, I'm sure, anxious to give those baby cheeks some slobbery kisses.

Before Elijah came, Jeremy and I found ourselves spending time in his nursery patiently waiting for his arrival. Now that he's here, it is easily my favorite room in the house. Elijah, we hope you feel just as cozy as we do in it.

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