Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Best of 2016

2016 was a whirlwind. We traveled, made a baby and sadly, said goodbye to Apollo. Here are our top 10 moments of 2016 in no particular order (except for #1).

We have a kid on the way. Crazy. March 2nd is the date. Will he arrive early or late?

After 8 years of awesome companionship, we sadly had to say goodbye to the best dog ever. It's amazing how much a dog (or any pet) can become such a part of your family, but when we sit back and think about all of the happy, proud, and hilarious moments we shared, it makes sense he was included in all of our family photos. Although the house is a bit cleaner now, we miss him every day.

Aloha, Hawaii
We took the longest plane ride of our lives to get to the beautiful islands of Hawaii but it was well worth it. We spent the majority of our time in Oahu but also gave the Big Island a visit for a day. We relaxed, luau'd, and enjoyed Hawaii's rich history and incredible weather!

San Diego
Jeremy surprised Asha with a tip to San Diego for her 30th birthday. We whale watched, relaxed on La Jolla beach, visited San Diego Zoo and ate our faces off. San Diego is definitely our kind of city.

Keep Pounding
Every now and then you just get lucky. This past summer, Jeremy won a social media contest to be a "Panther for a Day." The contest was presented by Miller Lite and the Carolina Panthers gave him VIP access at 2 days of training camp. Autographs, pictures, suite life, and lots of swag made for a memorable summer for Jeremy and his favorite NFL team. (Too bad the season didn't go as planned, but it's all good, we'll be back in 2017.)

Asha randomly bought tickets to a show one Friday night and it ended up being our new favorite musicians of 2016! A husband/wife duo won us over with their sweet melodies and similar personalities to us. We're pretty sure we would be friends with them.

Guts. Glory. Ram.
Pretty much every boy loves trucks. Including Jeremy. After searching and searching, he finally found the right truck (for the right price) - 2012 Ram 1500. If it's good enough for Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen, then it's good enough for Jeremy.

Race Series
Asha completed a 22-mile race series throughout the year, all while pregnant. Beast mode!

National Parks
We had the pleasure of visiting two more National Parks this year. Joshua Tree wow'd us with it's large rocks and desert features. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had us ooing and ahhing over the fire that was ready to erupt below.

Kualoa Ranch
Who wouldn't want to visit the movie site of Jurassic Park (among many others)?! Kualoa Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii was our favorite spot. We had a thrilling ride through the ranch on ATV's which made the experience like no other. We'll never forget the wild boars crossing our way, Asha almost flipping over and the beautiful views of the ocean below.

Cheers to a new year!

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