Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I've been 30 for four weeks now and so far, it hasn't been so bad. I'm in the in-between stage where I'll still get carded when buying a drink but I also get asked if I have kids by the cashier at Harris Teeter. Either way, my 30th birthday trip was amazing and I got to enter this new decade of mine celebrating with family.

Due to some major procrastination, I had to call off my little birthday bash with friends. I didn't have it in me to reschedule and I was pretty bummed to cancel but donuts from Your Mom's Donuts and an original song sung by my boo made it all better. Later that day, we grabbed lunch from my favorite spot in Matthews while I burned off the calories chasing my nephew, Keegan, around my house.
I was so sad to cancel. Oh well. Next year!
My coworkers are the best! They decorated my cube :)

"It's your birthday and you know what that means. It's your very special day and you can do what you please."

The best donuts. Hands down.

My dad infatuated by Keegan's iPad.
Yosef! A great birthday gift :)

In the end, birthday bash or not, I had the perfect day celebrating the big 3-0.

And because I'm super behind on April posts (hello! we're already halfway through May), I'm catching up with some photos from the month. Enjoy!

I got to experience the musical, Once, at the beautiful Blumenthal Theatre.

Bye, bye 6 inches of hair.

Meet and Greet with one of my fave singer-songwriters, Dave Barnes!

Random date night to see a band I came across two days before. Also, Jeremy's first time at Neighborhood Theatre, a regular go-to spot for me.

After a 14-year Playoff win dry spell, we experienced the Hornets come to life with a fun, frustrating and exciting Playoff series! It was definitely alive at the hive. #EnterTheSwarm

Even Apollo celebrated 

That's April in a nutshell. And now I gotta catch up to May. Note to self. Plan at least a month in advance when booking a birthday evening out with friends. Don't rely on the husband to make the reservations :)

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