Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fangirling Out

A trip to San Diego isn't complete without a trip to the zoo! We thought Monday would be a great day to go but boy, were we wrong. The zoo was filled with kids hopped up on candy and in need of a nap. It was great birth control as we weaved through the madness eventually finding koalas, giraffes, lions and more.

We only made it halfway through the park before we couldn't take it anymore. It was then on to JASON MRAZ DAY!!!!!! I  fangirled out for the remainder of the day while we visited Java Joe's,  a staple in the acoustic music scene in San Diego that helped launch careers of many singer-songwriters like Jewel and the one and only, Jason Mraz. Unfortunately, the venue is closed on Mondays but that didn't stop me from peeking in and reveling in the moment. Although the venue has moved since one of my favorite Mraz albums, Live at Java Joe's, it was still beyond exciting to see the tiny place where my favorite singer-songwriter once performed.

The fangirling didn't stop because our next stop was Cafe Gratitude, a reference Jason makes in his grammy-winning song, Make It Mine. I was totally trying to play it cool while we were there but I didn't contain myself very well. Jeremy was clearly over it.

That night we toured the harbor one more time and did a little shopping at Seaport Village, sad to leave the West Coast city we fell in love with so easily.

It turns out San Diego didn't want us to leave either. Our 6 hour flight home turned into a 24 hour flight, torturing us with two delays and a canceled flight. Lucky for us, we had a Charlotte friend onboard who was able to feel our pain as we got bad news, worse news and then horrible news. We were grateful to be home, that's for sure.

Jeremy, I can't thank you enough for the most perfect 30th birthday adventure. You may have thought you were crossing whale watching off my bucket list, but I was just as giddy visiting the Jason Mraz staples around town. I am grateful for yet another wonderful California adventure with you! One day we're gonna move out there. I'm calling it now.

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