Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Days

Well, May certainly flew by. It was filled with the celebration of our wonderful Mama's, the building of a house with Habitat for Humanity CLT, a sweaty 5K in Ballantyne, and helping turtles cross the road.

Mama Love
Lucky for Jeremy and I, our wonderful Mama's are right here in Charlotte. We enjoyed a fun-filled Saturday afternoon at Piedmont Social House where we bowled, laughed and ate of course. Jessie brought her bowling A-game and walked away with a first place finish during our first round. Second round, however, was a different story. Jeremy and Reuben evidently got warmed up  and put us in our place, finishing off with a victory win.

For my mom, we spent a morning in the sunshine planting flowers and eating Nickie's delicious breakfast casserole. Oh and chasing Keegan around the house.

MetLife Women Build
She believed she could so she did.
The women in my department at work came together and took part in the MetLife Foundation Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte Women Build. We arrived that morning excited to lend our hands to help build affordable housing for low-income families. While it was an exhausting day of hard work, it was truly rewarding getting to know my co-workers in a different way. I'm not the handiest but I did manage to help install windows and prep the roof, nailing down sheathing, getting it ready for the next working phase. I was hesitant to get up there, nervous to be up that high, but after a good 15 minutes, I was walking around like a (semi) pro. It was a dirty, sweat in the eyes, making you sore the next day type of job, but so worth it.

I do not advise running a 5K the morning after helping build a house but sometimes you have no choice when events on your calendar line up that way. I always aim to run 5Ks in at least 30 minutes. I came up a little short in this one finishing at 30:03 but hey, you win some, you lose some. My next race is in July!

Turtle, Turtle.
On Apollo's evening walk, I almost stepped on a baby turtle. He was so cute I couldn't resist picking him up. I took him closer to the pond in hopes he would be safer there. Here's to hoping he lives a good life!

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