Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015: Baby, It's Hot Outside

By the time we made it to Christmas Eve service on Thursday, I was beat. I spent the entire morning and afternoon wrapping remaining gifts, cleaning the house, prepping for Christmas dinner, and even bickering with Jeremy here and there. I was stressed and it was starting to show. It wasn't until we sat down at church and our senior pastor, Jonathan Scott, asked everyone, "Who has had it up to here with Christmas?!" I nodded vigorously. He then said, "Everyone just take a deep breath. Relax." So I did. I relaxed from there on out. It allowed me to feel the joy of Christmas. It allowed me to truly see that the Lord gave His life so we could truly live.

A few hours later, we enjoyed a traditional dinner of turkey, ham, hot potato salad, sweet potato casserole, and stuffing with the Little family. Before we chowed down on food, I relaxed in my Dad's recliner that provides you with a heated massage. I told ya, once I took that deep, relaxing breath in, there was no going back!

I had to document Keegan's dinner of a roll.
After dinner, we enjoyed watching Keegan's Christmas performance on DVD since my parents weren't able to go. I'm so glad we were able to experience it as a family while we laughed at his crazy three-year-old antics on stage. We then opened gifts and enjoyed being together for the night.

The woman loves her chocolate!

My mom styling in her new pajamas!
Christmas morning came and Jeremy and I finally got to give each other the gifts we've been itching to share. Jeremy enjoyed his BBQ-themed gifts of a grill set and NC BBQ map, along with a few other things. I particularly loved getting a shadow box that Jeremy made of the travels we have done over the years, a book filled of Ansel Adams photos of Yosemite Valley, and the Charlie Brown Christmas album that I was clearly excited about.

We then prepped for Christmas dinner #2 consisting of ribs (made by Jeremy) and banana pudding (made by Reuben) in honor of their Dad who I'm sure was looking down with pride. Jeremy made the best ribs he's ever made all while sporting his Miami shirt, grilling outside using his new grilling utensils. The weather was hot enough for him to do that which is crazy-talk for it being the end of December.

We enjoyed being together amongst good food and remembering the good of the year. We exchanged gifts and watched basketball. There was so much basketball. And love. There was that too.

Admiring my full JT album collection

Let us remember the greatest gift of the season. The fact that Jesus came for us. Merry Christmas!

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