Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chi-Town Love. It's All About the Experience.

Sometimes the best medicine is family. It definitely felt better to be together while we celebrated the life of my Uncle Bob. The little cousins enjoyed playing with each another and well, the big cousins (that's us) enjoyed being together too. I also enjoyed my job of entertaining the little ones by reading books and playing countless games of hide and seek.

It's not a trip to Illinois without a ride into the city. We bundled up with our heaviest coats and scarves as the Windy City welcomed us with a hint of Winter in the air. My cousin, Mitch, is our go-to tour guide and he did not disappoint as he lead us to the best spots in Chicago. We often quoted "It's all about the experience" throughout the day as nothing really seemed to go according to plan and instead we just went with the flow. We were able to visit Garrett Popcorn Shops, take a selfie with the John Hancock Center, do a little shopping, experience deep dish pizza from Giordano's, and peek at the traditional Christmas window displays at Macy's.

On the L 

Getting our "Chicago Mix" from Garrett Popcorn Shops
A visit to the Nike store was a must.

Chicago deep dish pizza. SO. GOOD.

This years window theme: "Santa's Journey Through the Stars"

Headed to see the tree from the 8th floor!


Although it feels good to get away from Charlotte for a little bit, it always feels good to come home. My shirt says it all. Ain't nothin' finer than North Carolina.

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