Saturday, November 21, 2015

Old Lady

It was ladies night out for Elyse and I as we headed out on a Thursday night (that's a big deal for both of us) to enjoy a show by singer/songwriter, Ben Rector and americana-folk band, Judah and the Lion. There was a good mix of an old and young audience at the show but I would say the young outnumbered the old. The sold-out show at the Fillmore jammed 2,000 people into it's walls and Elyse and I started to feel our age as younger kids around us started to cramp our style. The longer we waited for the band to take the stage made it seem like the VIP seated section was calling our names.

I left Elyse to hold our spots that were pretty close to the stage while I checked out the merch. As soon as I stepped out of the crowd, I felt SO much better! I could breath! I quickly bought some awesome tees and walked by a roped-off VIP area that looked too appealing to pass up. I texted Elyse and she was over by me in no time where we had no shame in paying extra to have this special little area to ourselves. We enjoyed the private bar, bathrooms and SEATS! The seats were glorious--away from the hub-bub of the excited tweens and twenty-somethings. Wait a minute...I'm technically a twenty-something.

We enjoyed the high energy that Judah and the Lion brought to the stage, along with Ben Rector making us laugh with his sweet melodies and quirky banter; All from the pleasure of our seats.

So folks, there you have it. Another sign of aging Asha. I still love live shows but I'd much rather have a seat than stand amongst a mosh-pit of teens and tweens. Sorry, not sorry.

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