Sunday, November 1, 2015

Apollo's First (and probably last) Road Trip

As you know by now, every year I bug Jeremy (and probably Apollo too) to get our family portraits done. Even though we have no kids in towe, I still like to capture our little family from year to year with professional photos. We teamed up with Sunny of Themba Imagery once again for a fun photo shoot in Flat Rock, NC at the beautiful Sky Top Orchard. When Sunny mentioned Sky Top, I was excited but two things lingered in the back of my mind.
  1. How was I going to pry Reuben away from a Saturday of football to help with Apollo when he wasn't in photos.
  2. Apollo has never been in the car for that long of a trip so I was curious to see how he would do in the car.
Turns out my bro-in-law is pretty awesome and after little pleading, agreed to the long afternoon away from football. I thanked him with an awesome t-shirt. He was also able to watch games from his phone so I didn't feel too bad in the end.

Apollo on the other hand....Here's the thing about Apollo. He likes to pass gas and/or sneeze whenever he is excited. On the two hour trip to the mountains, he decided to pass gas more than sneeze. He constantly had us rolling down the windows the entire trip....along with breathing hot breath on the back of my neck the entire trip. That dog. He's a character for sure. On the way home, he was so tired he slept the entire ride. Lucky for us, no farts down the mountain.

We were able to avoid the crowds and find some secluded areas with breathtaking views. Sunny out-did herself this year and worked her magic behind the camera. She gave us 106 photos and told us to favorite a few. You guys, I could have easily clicked the heart for each and every one. She did SUCH a good job. I love them SO, SO much! Below are just a few of my faves!

You can't go to Sky Top and not walk away with a dozen donuts. We rewarded ourselves with the apple-spiced goodness for a successful shoot!

Sunny, we can't thank you enough for taking the afternoon and capturing a few moments of 2015. We will cherish these photos forever. Our whole family loves you!

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