Saturday, November 7, 2015


What is Fall without a visit to the pumpkin patch? A few weeks ago, we did just that but two people made the trip not so enjoyable. One person was Keegan, who desperately needed a nap, and the other person was....ME. Yep...I'm owning up to my own crankiness. Looking back, I can tell I was super cranky because I am not in one. single. photo. What was wrong with me you ask? I probably desperately needed a nap just like Keegan...

Look at that pout.

Despite both Keegan and I's crankiness, we DID manage to have a good time at The Hunter Farm.... we just had our moments, that's all :) The whole fam had fun on our bumpy hayride with a pit stop at the milk barn. It was there that we were greeted with the butt of Bessie, the dairy cow, who was mooing to her mate across the yard. We learned some educational facts about dairy cows and it was off to the petting zoo where my camera decided to stop working for the day. Luckily I was able to get a few good shots of Keegan before it went haywire.

After our educational hayride, we picked out our pumpkins and enjoyed popcorn and lemonade before heading home. I was able to find two HUGE pumpkins for Jeremy and I to carve at the Kafsky Annual Pumpkin party. Sadly, we did not take home a prize this year but Jeremy's pumpkin turned out to be pretty legit! Mine on the other one got it, haha. I carved the dancing girl emoji. I didn't even attempt to take a picture of it (yep...I was still cranky) so enjoy Jeremy's awesome pumpkin instead. A big THANK YOU goes to the Kafsky's for always putting on such a fun event! Their new house is pretty awesome and perfect for a spooky party.

No tracing for this guy! 
Jeremy's masterpiece. My pumpkin was not worthy to photograph.
This years first place winner. Pumpkin eating a pumpkin.

All the pumpkins!
And just like that, my cranky day ended and I was able to wake up on the right side of the bed the next morning :) Oh, and if you must know, my dancing girls emoji carving is next to the Mets pumpkin.

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