Saturday, September 19, 2015

End of Summer Snapshots

The past few months have rocked our world with big changes left and right but we've managed to get out there and try some new things that we haven't had the chance to accomplish over the past summers.

Homemade from the Garden.
We had SO MANY tomatoes this summer! We didn't know what to do with them! It was Pinterest to the rescue. I pinned homemade marinara sauce, tomato soup and salsa hoping to have enough tomatoes to make at least one of the recipes. It turns out I had plenty, making two batches of each!

Rollin' Down the River.
We always make a trip to the Whitewater Center at least once a year but we never do any water activites. It was time to change that so we decided to kayak down the Catawba River. It was a first for both of us as we learned to work together paddling along the way. Okay, it was more Jeremy instructing me on what to do but we made it work. After a not-so-intended arm workout, we headed to the main river to relax and listen to music.

Training Camp + the Beacon...Call it!
Every year we always say we will go to the Panthers Training Camp in Wofford and pig out at the Beacon. For some reason it never happens. Until this year. This year, we did it...and it was AWESOME. After months without football, it's always nice to start the season with fans and optimism.  Afterwards, we HAD to stop by the famous Beacon who are known for their burgers and lingo.

We also enjoyed going to a preseason game for a Friday night date night!

Food Truck Friday.
We went to Matthew's very first Food Truck Friday in the spring and we've been going ever since. We've enjoyed seeing it grow and grabbing new, delicious food each time we go.

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