Sunday, September 20, 2015

A is for Apple

This year the mission for apple picking was Honey Crisp Apples. Lucky for us, Sky Top Orchard had some in stock so it was off to the Western mountains of NC we went. It was nice to escape to the mountains for the day and enjoy it's crisp, fresh air, rolling hills and good eats.

Sky Top Orchard was crawling with groups of families and friends but it was still an enjoyable experience. We had the best time filling our red baskets with various apples and exploring the different fruit crops like grapes and peaches the orchard had to offer. I believe it's safe to say that Keegan's favorite part of the day was the hayride where we rode along the bumpy path spotting a barnyard full of animals and forest of bamboo. He also enjoyed spotting the queen bee in the working beehive.

The boy loves to run. He takes after his Auntie :)

We couldn't leave Sky Top without purchasing apple cider, apple pie and of course, apple cider donuts.  They were so good! So, so good. That alone was worth the trip.

We ended our mountain day trip with some delicious wood-fired BBQ and southern-style sides at Hubba Hubba Smokehouse. We loved the quaint, little outdoor area that featured side walk chalk to entertain Keegan. All in all, it was a great way to start our Labor Day weekend and was a trip we won't forget!

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