Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Fresh Start

A new year means fresh resolutions to conquer. I must say, I didn't do too bad on last years list. I was happy to set realistic goals for myself, only failing to reach but one resolution that I am ecstatic to say WILL happen this year. We've got a trip to Nashville already in the books :)

I'm keeping the list small again. It keeps me focused and to the point. 2015, let's do this.

I would like to give our upstairs loft some love this year. All it contains right now is Apollo's bed. Let's just say a makeover is way overdue. I would love to add a daybed, a wall featuring antique cameras and some curtains to make the room a little more cozy. With this possibility, we'll have more room for guests to stay.

This one is for both Jeremy and I. We're putting the television on mute and listening to vinyl records. Jeremy's collection started with 3 records but has already grown to 44 thanks to my parents. My parents had quite the collection of Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Grover Washington, Tina Turner and more. They were gracious enough to hand them down to us and we couldn't be happier. We would really like to add albums that have meaning to us. You KNOW Jason Mraz will be added to our collection and I'm pretty sure Jeremy wouldn't mind adding a few more Jay Z albums, Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane) and Gary Clark Jr.

A visit to Louisiana is a must this year. Jeremy and I would love to see Sairy and Julius in their new home of Baton Rouge. I'm sure they would give us a greater experience than the last time we were there in 2008 for the App vs. LSU football game.

A few trips to Goodwill are in order. We have been in our home for close to 4 years now and a few things have started to clutter up. It's time to dig out the old and replace with some new.

I've decided that our mail boxes shouldn't only overflow during the holidays. I've got enough friends spread across the country to send them a little love here and there. My goal is to send a little note at least once a month to a loved one. Get ready friends, you're about to get some happy mail!

5 goals. That'll do. I hope to reach each of them this year along with conquering and learning from any challenge that will be thrown my way. 2015, I'm ready for ya.

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