Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walking Back in Time

It's been quite some time since we've all been in History class but it was time for a pop quiz as we traveled back in time to Colonial Williamsburg. We walked the grounds with our fancy Citizen Passports which could get us into our own personal tours of the town.

We started our self-guided tour on the outskirts of town where most of the common people lived. Imagine how large your house would be if you had to build it yourself. We got a first hand look on how colonist constructed their homes using simple tools and their bare hands. Local produce was grown in the back yard, refrigerated food was kept beneath the ground and fresh meat was hung in the smokehouse for dinner that night. We decided we didn't want to be poor anymore and headed to be with the rich folk at the Governor's Palace.

We walked up to a commotion in the courtyard where the townspeople were gathered arguing the latest takeaway of gunpowder. It was hard not to chuckle at the actors who tried to talk to us, wondering how we felt about the situation and if we were in such the tizzy they were in. The crowd dispersed and we took a tour of the Governor's Palace & Gardens where we learned how the wealthy lived, dressed and ate during the 1700s.

We continued to walk the cobblestone streets that were filled with market square taverns, shoemakers, and little shops where we could purchase souvenirs.  Eventually, we came upon the Capital where we sat in the courtroom and toured the round table that our forefathers once sat. The tour ended just in time for us to hear the Declaration of Independence being read aloud to the townspeople (that was us). And when I say he read the Declaration of Independence....he read the ENTIRE thing. That was enough for us to realize we were hungry as we left the past and gained our technology back. Our appetites were satisfied as we ate at the College Delly, across the street from William & Mary college. We tiredly called it a day as we headed back home from a fun and adventurous weekend with close friends. It was certainly a trip we won't forget!

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