Thursday, August 7, 2014

No more Moptop plus a Giveaway!!!

I did it.

I've finally cut my hair. 

It's been roughly 10 years between haircuts. There was really no major reason for cutting my hair other than I just felt it was time to do it. Plus, I wanted to make sure I still had my hairline. I had a lot of my identity in my hair. 98% of the people I interact with on a daily basis have only known me with dreadlocks. I barely remember life before them. For those of you who love your long, flowing hair, you totally understand how big of a decision this was for me. 

I'm naturally a quiet person, so part of me worried that I would no longer stand out if I cut my hair. I'm no longer easily recognizable and it's a lot harder to doodle myself now. But in the end, my readiness to cut them outweighed my worrying and I'm at peace with my decision. Not like I could change my mind and go back anyway. So yeah, I look younger, my head feels about 2x too small, and I feel a lot lighter. 

So now it's contest time! It's simple - guess how many dreadlocks I had. And we're doing this Price Is Right style - closest person to the correct number of dreadlocks, without going over, will win an iPod Shuffle and a $15 iTunes gift card. Leave a comment on the blog or on our facebook posts to this blog. You have until this Sunday, August 10th. Good luck!