Thursday, August 14, 2014

The 20/20 Experience (again)

Justin Timberlake's most recent album is called The 20/20 only seemed appropriate to see his tour twice. Let's be real, though. I got lucky. The very day that Jeremy and I were driving to Raleigh to see JT, they announced on the radio that he had extended his tour and would be stopping in Charlotte that coming July. I couldn't say no to JT and the Tennessee Kids in my hometown and bought tickets with Elyse and Rachel that next week.

Fast forward to July and I was just as excited to see Justin the second time around. We grubbed at one of my favorite southern, home-cooking restaurants in Charlotte, Dish, and then headed to Time Warner Cable Arena for a night of dancing and singing to all of our favorite JT songs.

It had been 14 years since JT was in Charlotte. Fourteen! I was a freshman in high school and soooooo excited to go see NSYNC perform with my best friends at the time. Tickets were only $39.75 for upper level seating and I remember dancing and screaming my little heart out during the entire No Strings Attached show.

Sadly, ticket prices have increased since then but the dancing and screaming didn't change much from now and then. JT still brought it and had everyone swooning during his smooth dance moves, piano/guitar playing and the sweet sound of his perfect melodies. His show was a little shorter this time around but he still held my attention the entire time. Until next time, Justin. Charlotte loves you!

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