Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jamaican me crazy!

Next stop on our island hopping adventure - JAMAICA.

Jamaica has been near the top of our destination list for quite some time. I mean - c'mon, it's Jamaica, of course we want to go there.

Our excursion was titled "Eat. Drink. Dance." and we did exactly that. Our first stop was at the famous Miss. T's restaurant. Miss. T's has been featured on Food Network, and apparently Guy Fierri is a big fan. Within the first 10 minutes there, Jamaica lived up to it's... high reputation. While checking out the restaurant, Jeremy noticed a nice, fat joint sitting in a picture frame.

Hey, mon! Welcome to Jamaica!

Back to the meal. The menu at Miss. T's is complete with authentic Jamaican country cooking. Now... we'll try to use strong enough adjectives to describe how good this food was, but just know it was really, really, really very good. It was "family style" serving that included orange rice - that was literally the best tasting rice we've ever had - savory bean soup, some super tender Mrs. T's curry goat, tasty fresh salad, sweet plantains and obviously some famous Jamaican jerk chicken. We washed it all down with some heavenly mango juice and needless to say, it was a DELICIOUS meal. (Notice the all-caps on the word 'delicious' because it was.)

Now that our bellies were full and we had huge smiles on our faces, it was time to venture through Ocho Rios, Jamaica and begin the "Drink" portion of this trip! And lemme tell ya... it was just as tasty.

Within 10 minutes we found ourselves at what has to be top 10 best bars in the world - and that's coming from 2 people that don't go to bars, so obviously our opinion is strong. This bar tranquilly sits facing the ocean giving you such a nice view while sipping drinks. And the best part - instead of stools, the seats are all swings. So yes, as you sip your drink(s) and gaze across the ocean, you're slowly rocked to perfect relaxation. So while literally hanging out, our awesome guide divided our group into 2 teams. She then made 2 very enjoyable drinks; 1 called the "Blue Sea" and the other, "Rum Punch". After watching, it was on us to recreate the drink and she would decide which group made the best drink. Proud to say that our group won for the better tasting drink (the "Blue Sea").

After everyone was all liquored up, it was time to dance! We had a couple shy folks in the group, however, Jeremy was not one of them. We're starting to think in a previous life, Jeremy may have been Jamaican. Every dance move came pretty naturally to him and, don't want to brag too much but Jeremy was easily the best dancer. I guess we should add that our group included 2 grandmothers, a 10 year old and a 6 year old... but the other 9 people were basically adults.

So after a day of eating, then drinking, then burning those calories off by dancing... it was obviously time to eat again! Our next stop was at another local restaurant - Scotchies! This place is known for it's homestyle expertise cooking of jerk chicken and jerk pork. We heard really good things about this place and it totally lived up to the hype. This was absolutely the best jerk chicken and jerk pork we've ever had. Now, we definitely know a thing or two about barbecuing meat here in the south but those Jamaicans... yeah, they know a thing or 2 as well.  PLUS, they have their own special sauce that's really, really spicy but goes perfectly with their succulent chicken. If you can't tell, we really liked Scotchies.

With full bellies once again, we did a little shopping and the day was finally over. Jamaica was perfect. By the end of the day, not only were we dreaming of a sooner-rather-than-later return, but we also developed pretty good accents!

Yeah, mon. Until we meet again, Jamaica! Irie! (Irie = word in Jamaican that means, "alright". The term can be used to mean 1: powerful and pleasing; 2: excellent, highest; n 3: the state of feeling great.

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