Sunday, February 16, 2014


As we all know, if there's a chance of snowfall in the south, go ahead and shut down everything. Because we don't have much snow, nor do we have many tools and plans to deal with the snow (see Atlanta, Ga.), it's just better we cancel and close everything and enjoy the white stuff.

And ya know what, I'm A-OK with that. Snow days give us a mini "stay-cation" and force many of us to just be. Day after day, week after week we're all so concentrated on doing things - work, school, errands - but when everything in the city is shut down, that to-do list suddenly becomes super short. Thanks to this blizzard, I've seen and talked to more neighbors today than I have in at least 6 months.

So with that said, I tried my hardest to enjoy the blizzard of 2014. Once work (and everything else) had been cancelled, it was time to relax.

After watching some daytime TV and discovering my spirit animal, I was done relaxing. It didn't take long for that to just get boring.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Komondor/the Jeremy.
Asha and I decided to venture out into the snow for a quick walk around the neighborhood. This was when I found out how much of a baby Apollo is. We were playing in the snow all happy-go-lucky, Apollo and I semi wrestling. Good times. Then, while playing, I toss some snow in Apollo's face. If Apollo could talk, I swear he would've said,

"I don't wanna play no more."

That punk dog started to cry. The same 140 lb dog that was eating the snow moments earlier, got some snow thrown in his face and began to cry. Like... for real cry. Asha and I thought he was physically hurt, but no... just his feelings.

We laughed and made fun of him for the rest of the day.

This is when he started crying. Big baby.

The next day is when things got REAL.

The day started the same way the previous one ended - laughing at Apollo. He was so unsure of everything once he stepped outside and realized it was ice and not the same snow as the day before. He was so confused.  He didn't know where to pee. 20 minutes later, he ended up peeing in the street.

Asha and I went for another walk, this time to check out a little more of the area. As we guessed... everything was white and covered with snow. We also witnessed a huge branch breaking and falling from a tree. Luckily no one's car was under it.

Once we returned home, I wasn't ready to go inside and let boredom set in, so I decided to build a snowman. There was plenty of snow to make a legit snowman, so I went for it.

Somewhere between building a base and realizing I didn't feel like building a snowman anymore, I decided to build an ice cave/igloo type thing. Not sure why... but I did. And I was so determined to finish it. Anyway, I was proud of my work. I wish I built it bigger, but I got tired and I probably looked silly out there building it by myself. I had a couple of admirers though so... mission complete.

The blizzard of 2014 was fun. It's always nice to take some time and just enjoy everything. Thankfully, our power never went out and we still had food (minus bread and milk though...). Hope you all enjoyed the snow and filled everyone's Facebook and Instagram timelines with pictures of snow!

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